Cloudy (LRT)

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At a Glance
LocationValle Occidental
  • Djani'hweh border
  • Route 4
Station CodeCLO
EstablishedMarch 19, 2023
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Cloudy is an LRT station on the Green Line.

This station is a terminus - as such, departures from this station do not require a direction in /dest commands.


Traveling to Cloudy station is done by typing the corresponding command at your currents station before launching your minecart.

If your station has access to multiple LRT lines, make sure you are embarking on the correct line.

/dest command line
/dest cloudy /dest sanctuary
  • Sanctuary
  • Pioneer Village
  • Krus
  • September
  • Katipan
  • Heleonov
  • Broa Cay
  • Tshola


Cloudy Station is named in reference to Kloudei, a prominent Lambatan during its early days in CivClassic.

The station's overground structure is currently the smallest of all LRT stations.