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Pavia Offensive
Part of Estalia-Rhode Island War
Pavia Obbybomb Photo
Screenshot of visible obby grief with the Townhall in the background, published by the Pavian Outpost [1]
DateAugust 18 2022 - Present
The Principality of Pavia and surrounding areas


  • Obby bombing of Pavia (later cleaned up)
  • Formation of the Coalition
  • Ongoing military stalemate

 Elysian Pact

 Rhode Island

The Pavian Theater refers to the theater of war in Pavia as part of the Estalia-Rhode Island War. The Pavian theater was the stage of substantial obbybombing on the part of Rhode Island and has received much public attention.


Initial skirmishes

On the 11th of August, Rhode Island fighters entered Pavian territory, breaking snitches around the Pavian vault.[2]

In response, the Pavian government created a National Threat Level scale, which was immediately raised to Expected, the second highest degree.[3]

The next day, Rhode Island forces would build a small skybridge going to the vault, and made public obby-bombing threats.[4]

The skybridge was swiftly destroyed by the Coast Guard, who remained on high alert.

On the 15th, the National Threat Level was raised to Certain, the highest degree of the scale, following “consultation between the dukes, the coast guard and foreign nations”.[5]

Attempts at peace

While Pavia was being attacked or threatened by Rhode Island, diplomats still attempted to find a peaceful solution to the conflict twice.

Former Rhode Island leader Capri had promised Pavia that they would be kept out of the conflict so long as they did not aid Estalia. Pavian officials did not allow Estalians to use their military infrastructure and asked them to not come through their lands.[6] Additionally, the very beginnings of a Non-Aggression Pact with Rhode Island were in the works before Rhode Island diplomats withdrew from negotiations without explanation on the 25th of July.

After GeneralThomas4’s coup of Rhode Island, occurring just after the initial snitch-breaking by Rhode Island in Pavia on the 11th, and after which he promised reconciliation with and reparations to wronged parties, Pavian diplomats attempted to ensure peace once again in the 13th[6], coming to similar terms with the new Rhode Island administration despite GeneralThomas justifying the recent sky-bridging of Pavia’s vault by stating that the vault shared similarities with Estalia’s vault designs, that it had been built quickly and that Estalian fighters had been spotted near Pavia.

However, shortly afterwards, Rhodesians snitched large areas of Pavian territory.

The takeover of Rhode Island by Danirague diminished hope of peace between the two nations, as the new administration pushed an aggressive foreign policy (cf. Estalia-Rhode_Island_War#Danirague's_Leadership).

War breaks out

On the 17th of August, Rhode Island, in a public statement, declared war on, among two other nations, Pavia[7], following a recent leadership change.

Shortly after the declaration, Rhode Island fighters would enter Pavian territory to obbybomb rail infrastructure and place snitches.[8]

The next day, reports began coming in of Rhode Island forces entering the Pavian residential caves, at around 00:01 CEST.[9]

Very shortly thereafter, all-out obbybombing was reported in both the caves and near the Town Hall[10][11], while Pavian military forces stayed in the vault preparing for a potential vault defense.

The bombing took approximately half an hour, after which the attackers retreated.

Immediately after, Duke of Bedford BritishWanderer published an open letter on Reddit explaining Pavia’s side of the story, calling upon all neutral nations to aid in the defense of Pavia, calling Rhode Island a “a chaotic, rudderless, violent rogue state” and stating that “Pavia has begun assembling a coalition of buildfriends and otherwise neutral world citizens in defence of our country”, ending the post with Pavia’s own declaration of war towards Rhode Island.[12] Jorvik, although already in the war, responded to the call to arms, at the same time denouncing the actions of Rhode Island.[13]

As it became safe to leave the vault, the extent of the aftermath of the attack was slowly discovered, with significant obby-grief being placed in the residential caves[14] and around the Townhall.[15][16][17]

On the 19th, another lighter obbybombing was undertaken by Rhodesian fighters HOODRATSLAYA and Hokkaido__.[18]

The Coalition

Pro-Coalition propaganda from late August 2022 by alberlb96[19]

On the 21st, the Duke of Bedford renewed his call to arms in a new Reddit post[20], stating that, despite continued attacks by Rhode Island, "Pavia, the Principality, and our Coalition of allies remain standing strong, successfully holding the Lyrean front against all odds." BritishWanderer dubbed the group consisting of Pavia, its allied countries as well as individuals who help it as the Coalition or the Pavian Coalition. ChrisChrispie, although previously stating Icenia would remain neutral even after the city was sacked[21][22], stated in response "The only solution to save the server is a mass coalition to bring them to their knees"[23], seemingly implying Icenia would fight under the coalition.


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