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Nord Company™
Nord Co., or abbreviated: NC
Nord Co.'s slogan: 'Simply Affordable'
Headquarters Yoahtl
Number of Locations4
Key PeopleVilyanZ, EvenTv1, MeEatFod
Preceded byNWD (New Worlder's Department Store) on CivClassics 2.0
VilyanZ Co.
  • Map Museum (Nord Co.)
  • Nord Café
  • Nord Stream
  • Nord Delivery
ProductsWood, Terrectta, Stone, Other stones, Food, other stuff
Historical Data
VilyanZ, Later EvenTv1, MeEatFod

Nord Co. is a company that was founded at the beginning of CivMC, about a month after the server was launched, and was initially called VilyanZ Co. The name changed after MeEatFod and EvenTv came together and helped form what is now Nord Co. Nowadays Nord Co. sells wood, stone, terrecotta, wool, food and various other products at the three active locations. The Nord Co. logo was inspired by the Yoahtlan sun and given VilyanZ's favorite color.


Locations are listed in order from oldest to newest.
Picture Branch Status Information
Nord Co. Yoahtl Open Nord Co. Yoahtl, the inaugural Nord Co. establishment, commenced operations between June 28, 2022 (while still under construction), and August 7, 2022, and remains operational to this day.

Throughout its existence, Nord Co. Yoahtl has undergone two rounds of renovations.

Nord Co. Lambat Closed Nord Co. Lambat marked Nord Co.'s inaugural venture beyond Yoahtl's borders. Regrettably, it ceased operations on October 2nd due to a prolonged period of financial losses and the necessity to allocate resources elsewhere.

It initially opened its doors on December 1st, 2022, but concluded its operations on October 2nd, 2023, thereby remaining operational for 11 months and 1 day. Although the building itself remains accessible, it no longer serves as a retail location.

Nord Co. Truidencia Not Built Nord Co. Truidencia was a planned retail location for Nord Co. A plot had been designated and received approval for construction. Nord Co. was tasked with designing the shop but experienced delays in the design process.

Unfortunately, Truidencia became inactive, leading Nord Co. to suspend the project.

Nord Co. Pavia (Old Location) Closed Nord Co. Pavia was the 3rd shop built on the Eastern continent and was origianlly half of the Monument Group Shop but got forced to move to where Aussie shop was because the land which Nord Co. was, was being wasted since VilyanZ couldnt stock propperly even though he stocked it regulary.

Nord Co. Pavia was Opened on the December 27th, 2022 and was forced to move/close on December 12th, 2023 meaning that it was operational for 11 months and 16 days.

Nord Co. MtA Closed Nord Co. MTA marked Nord Co.'s initial foray beyond the +,- region and represented one of the early shops that ventured beyond the sale of building blocks, food, and farm produce, as far as my knowledge goes.

The shop officially opened its doors on April 2nd, 2023, and it got closed down on January 17th, 2024, thereby remaining operational for 9 months and 16 day. Although the building itself remains accessible, it no longer serves Nord Co. as a retail location. It was closed down do to low sales and the recent downfall of Mta after the Doom City Conflict.

Nord Co. Mta was also the reason why VilyanZ started building Nord Stream (Public Iceroad Network). The reason was that it was taking to long on rail to Restock Shops and needed a faster way.

Nord Co. Icarus Not Finished Nord Co. Icarus also is propposed but its half built on Civmc, After The Butsecs war progress stopped. You can go to the half finnished building in Blue cove in Icarus.
Nord Co. Exilus Soon Open Nord Co. Exilus has been planned since it became apart of Yoahtl. VilyanZ started making a design for the Exilus Shop but then Nukinmouse01 wanted to make a mall in Exilus and they merged their plots into one. After that VilyanZ made a design inspiered by a design Nukinmouse had and the General theme of Exilus which was supposed to be built by Nukinmouse. Nukinmouse didnt built it and about 6 months later (about January 14th 2024) Arconis000 started building the mall. 3 days later Arconis Finished building after having multiple Breakdowns (this is why VilyanZ didnt build it).

Nord Co. Exilus is not Open yet but you can go visit the Mall in Exilus City.

Nord Co. Exilus will hopefully open soon with the new Nord Stream connection to Exilus.

Nord Co. Icenia Soon Open Nord Co. Icenia has been completed in construction but the shop has not opened yet.

Despite the shop not being operational yet, it boasts some apartments that quickly found occupants, likely because of its proximity to Jah Park and the center of Icenia.

Furthermore, Archon Armaments established a shop in Nord Tower, the name of the building, on September 25th, 2023.

Nord Co. Icenia to this day hasnt fully opened since VilyanZ is busy with other things.

Nord Co. IF Not Opening Nord Co. Imperial Federation was supposed to be Opened but then the IF Capital Imperia but then the IF Secession Crisis happened and no further plans have been made to open the shop in IF.
Nord Co. Pavia (New Location) Open The new Nord Co. is still not open but Intersection Waves is setting up in the building and the building has 4 more spaces for small buisnesses to move in.

Nord Co. Pavia Reopened on the 11th of Febuary 2024. Now is located: X:606 Z:-3052

Nord Co. Nara Open more will be writed later



NWD(New Worlders Department Store) was Nord Co. spiritual predecessor on Civclassic 2.0 and sold wood, stone and food. Initially, NWD was named "Newed," but it later dropped the E's from its name since "Newed" did not have a specific or meaningful significance. It had two locations, one in Kobylinski and one in New Yoahtl City.

Nord Stream

Nord Stream is a public iceroad network.. (more will be writed soon)