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Group shot of members of the Meme Team

The Meme Team was a group formed of primarily Augustan friends who massacred the Chanadian town known as Versailles, found themselves involved in serverwide wars, and fought many of the former Eden Group members.

At the time, they went by the name The Gnomads. But with a new age, and new friendships that formed, they found themselves being called "The Meme Team" by others on the server. This was caused by Augustans, notably zaphod100 and meunier_ calling them so. The name eventually spread across the server until the group was more known as "Meme Team" than Augustan's.[1]

With their criminal status, they decided it would be best to go out somewhere very rural and setup. North of Epicus on the shore of the ocean was their bunker. Farms, diamond veins, small collaborations, and with the assistance of the Titan leader HanTzu, they found themselves to be considerably wealthy in such a short time span of their criminality.

The original members of the Meme Team:

Meme Team poster

After months of boredom and inactivity and the downfall of Titan, many of the Meme Team went back home to Mount Augusta to produce experience and become wealthy and powerful within the city. Slowly they started becoming the dominant group in Augusta, combat wise and financially.

Shortly after their rise in power, original member Soccer37222 derelicted xriptidex's house in Mount Augusta. The dereliction was legal but riptides World Police influence made many of the pvpers within their ranks rush to Augusta to fight against Soccer37222 and the Meme Team. The result was that Soccer37222 was pearled for a day within the rings of the Carson vault, known as Playpen, and the beginning of a friendship with the controversial city known as Nox. (formerly known as Libertas)

In the following months the Meme Team assisted their Noxian allies in skirmishes with the World Police and other minor raiders and looters, to the dismay of the rest of the server.[2]

As time went on more people started to join the Meme Team and ally themselves with them.

The members included the following:

Their allies, primarily citizens of Fellowship, Polynesia, and Nox made them apart of one of the biggest and most powerful coalitions that has ever been seen on Civcraft 2.0.

As the cold war progressed between Nox and the World Police, the Meme Team mostly went about their own business within Augusta. The occasional bickering with the World Police, and friendship with Nox, slowly but surely kept deteriorating away their reputation on the server until they were known strictly as a PvP group that can't be trusted to those outside of the group or one of their allies.

Eventually the cold war between the World Police and Nox came to an end whenever the World Police launched an attack on the Nox nether factory. The Meme Team had to decide whether or not to completely involve themselves, or let the war run its course. Only very few of the Meme Team assisted in defending the nether factory and other attacks that happened on Nox.

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