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A Factory is a special multi-block structure which is the only way to craft Experience, can be used to craft mass quantities of items at a reduced price, and is the only way to craft some advanced items such as Bastions. There are many different factories, each with a distinct purpose. Factories are managed by the FactoryMod plugin (source).

Factorymod single image summary


Create a factory by placing a furnace, a crafting table and a chest (or trapped chest[1]) side by side. Hitting a factory component with a stick in hand is used to interact with the factory.

  • The furnace is used to run the factory. Place charcoal in either or both furnace slots. Hit the furnace with a stick to toggle the factories activation.
  • The crafting table is used to select which factory recipe to run. Hit the crafting table with a stick to open the 'Select a recipe' GUI. Mouse over an item to see which recipe it corresponds to and the number of times it has been run. Left click an item to switch recipe.
  • The chest is where recipe inputs and outputs are deposited. The chest may be a double chest. Hit the chest with a stick to see the factory type and health.

Complete the factory setup by placing exactly the ingredients required for a desired factory in the chest. Use the commands /fm and /fm [factory name] to see all factories and their recipes.


  • The crafting tables 'Select a recipe' GUI has two settings consistent across all factories. The 'Toggle auto select' setting, symbolized by a redstone block when turned on causes the factory to automatically select any recipe it has the ingredients to run whenever it is activated. Be careful as some factories create an output in one recipe and take it as input in another recipe meaning the two products cycle until charcoal runs out. The 'Open menu' setting symbolized by a painting opens a GUI equivalent to the /fm [factory name] command.
  • If the chest becomes full during a factory run, the factory will stop. [2] [3] The only exception might be printing presses which will continue to run and may waste materials in the process (Bug) [4].
  • Redstone that activated the factory furnace will cause the factory to run


Factories have health which degrades over several months[clarification needed]. When the health reaches zero only the repair factory recipe can be ran. This recipe is found in every factories 'Select a recipe' GUI and is symbolized by the furnace item. The cost to repair a factory ranges from 5 to 15% of setup cost[citation needed]. After 1000 days in a broken state the factory will break permanently and irreparably. If a component (furnace, crafting table and chest) or all components of the factory are physically broken they can be replaced in the same location and the factory can be recreated for half of the initial factory setup creation cost.

Important Factories


Compacted items look no different, yet their lore text can be found on mouse over
  • The compactor turns a stack of items and a crate (which is made in a carpentry factory) into one lored compacted item, making it useful for carrying resources. The compacted item stacks meaning a compacted stack can hold the square of said item stack size. For example, a compacted stack of stone (which stacks to 64) fits into one inventory slot yet contains 4096 stone. A compacted stack of ender pearls (which stacks to 16) fits into one inventory slot yet contains 256 ender pearls. The exception is items which do not stack, such as swords, as 8 of any unstackable item will compact into one. All compacted items must have the same NBT data, for example, you can only compact eight swords if each has same enchantment and enchantment order[citation needed].) Unlike compacted blocks, which cannot be placed, compacted tools armor, ender pearls and so on can be used as normal. Be warned this provides no advantage and waste resources (For example when you use a compacted sword and uncompact it the durability of each uncompacted sword equals the durability on the compacted input object effectively using durability 8 times faster). Selecting the 'Uncompact' recipe will return a full stack of items taking ingredient of 1 compacted item. Crates are not returned.


Cauldron factories are the only way to produce experience on civ servers.

Printing press

  • A signed book can be turned into a printing plate. The printing plate can then be used in the following recipes : 'Print Book' which makes multiple book copies (without appending 'copy of'); 'Print Note' which makes a readable pamphlet from the first page of a book; 'Print Secure Note' which prints a note and appends the printing plates unique serial number.

Bastion Factory

The bastion factory is the only way to produce bastions.

FactoryMod commands

Command Description
/fm Displays the 'Factories' GUI
/fm [factory_name] Displays the 'Factories' GUI for the given factory. Provides details on the construction cost and recipes.
/item [item] Displays the factory receipts that use this item as input, or provide it as output.

Factory Lists

The recipes and factories available differ between Civ servers. Lists of factories can be found below.

List of factories on CivClassic 2.0

List of factories on CivMC