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Kira is a plugin (source) which allows creating relays of in-game events, such as Snitch messages, to a discord server. It is primarily to allow players to view snitch hits in real-time, even when not in game.


Kira allows you to create relays for snitch hits, NameLayer group chat messages and global player login/logout messages.

The commands can be issued in any Discord channel that Kira can read (e.g., !kira help), or sent via direct message (without the prefix, e.g., just help).


Before using Kira, you must link your discord account to your minecraft account. To do so, run /discordauth in game, then run !kira auth [token] with the resulting token in any discord server Kira is in.

Command Reference


Command Description


Command Description
!kira help Shows help
!kira apitoken <SNITCH|CHAT|SKYNET> Generates a token for use with Kiras API
!auth [code] Allows linking your discord account to an ingame account. Run '/discordauth' ingame to get a code.
!kira getchannels Shows all relays owned by you
!kira createrelayconfig [name] Creates a new relay configuration
!kira createrelayhere [group] Attempts to create a relay in the channel this message was sent in for the group it was sent by
!kira setrelayconfig [group] [relay] Sets which configuration to use for a specific relay
!kira info Prints basic info on the bot
!kira ingame [command] Run an in-game command from discord. For instance, !kira ingame nlip CW-1 Falvyu is equivalent to running /nlip CW-1 Falvyu in game.
!kira invite Send the invite link for Kira in chat.
!kira relayconfig [name] Configures properties of a relay config
!kira setrelayconfig [group] [relay] Sets which configuration to use for a specific relay
!kira whoami Shows your linked accounts