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File:Worldmap terrain 2017-04-20 10pct.png
Map of Devoted 3.0 (2/19/17)

Welcome to Devoted

Devoted Minecraft is an anarchy minecraft server built around cities and a community of dedicated players. Devoted is an experiment for communities, political ideologies, debate and discussion, where players align around political and economical ideals to conduct experimental interactions with differing political attitudes

Most Minecraft servers have rules; “no griefing”, “no stealing”, or “be nice”. Devoted doesn't. In Devoted, the players make the rules. However, that doesn't mean you can run wild throughout the world, pillaging and plundering all that you come across, because Devoted isn't an ordinary vanilla Minecraft server. It has a collection of plugins that encourages co-operation between players by increasing Minecraft's base difficulty and putting players in control of justice.

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