First Pirate War

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The First Pirate War was a conflict on Devoted.


After the dismantlement of the Revenants by the Pirates, tensions between Agora and the Pirates were at an all-time high. This came to a head when wergo20, now a pirate, was pearled by Agora at an ice boat racing event.


The Agora vault was attacked for about a week by the Pirates until it finally fell. The Agoran defense force was bolstered by several Revenants, including ashnwill and TopGun.

Several attempts to build a vault hole were made by Agora, each was foiled by the Pirates. Most of the Agorans and Revenants got pearled over a long period of time.

Eventually, the Pirates got bored, and so they brokered a white peace which involved the release of all pearls from the Pirate vault.