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Vogelburg is a constitutional monarch located in the -+. The government is an aristocracy and as such all members of the peerage are granted a position on the Royal Court and Parliament, the latter of which debates laws. Vogelburg is a relatively peaceful nation and has had few conflicts.


Founding of Vogelburg

The Königreich of Vogelburg was officially founded towards the beginning of Devoted 3.0 by Bencocks and Aidanvonloopy. Bencocks let Aidanvonloopy have the kingship, compromising by naming the nation after him (vogel:bird:benCOCKS:bird) Various newfriends began to join, including spartinpastic and jamietech. The first town of Vogelburg is where the capital of Agni Ignis now resides, as the nation would later move.

Layman vs Mr_Donutman

The situation began when Layman began provoking Mr_Donutman, a hermit on Veritas land, (who would later go raider) by trespassing on his property and refusing to leave for his own amusement. Hiimposey chased Layman off directly into Vogelburg property, where Layman then logged. Bencocks and Aidanvonloopy intervened as Vogelburg did not allow bounty hunting on it's territory at the time. Then a fight between the parties occured as seen here. Bencocks and Aidan got pearled, then Layman also logged on and got pearled. Futtt_Bucker then proceeded to pearl Hiimposey and free all those pearled, but then regretted the action. Hiimposey then went and pearled Layman again. Reps were then paid by Vogelburg to Hiimposey, and in thanks Layman fished for many nights and days to pay his debt.