First Entente-Conglomerate War

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The First Entente-Conglomerate War was a conflict on Devoted.


Growing tensions between the Revenants/Agora and the Pirates/Ascalon came to a head when Soerxpso and Thanadon raided the Revenant base, which led to their pearlings, sparking the war. The Pirates and Ascalon united into the Entente (Devoted), and the Revenants and Agora united into the Conglomerate.


In no particular order:

SirCrowley's Nether Vault Broken

After the pearling of one of their leaders, Vapin, the Conglomerate broke SirCrowley's vault and freed him.

Agoran Vault Broken

The Entente launched an assault on the Agora vault which led to its griefing.

Revenant Nether Vault Skirmishes

There were several skirmishes by the Entente against the Conglomerate at the Revenant's nether vault. None were victories, and the vault wasn't broken.

Revenant Overworld Ring Vault Skirmishes

The Revenant nether vault was torn down and rebuilt in a vault hole as a 10-layer with 2 rings. There were several skirmishes but no Entente victories.

White Peace

To avoid curbstomping the Pirates too hard and killing the server, the Agorans worked out a white peace with the Pirates in which both parties would release all pearls and clean any grief.

This was negotiated without consent of the Revenants, which caused long-lasting tensions in the Revenant-Agoran relationship.