Vanilla Tweaks

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Civ servers generally tweak or remove many mechanics from vanilla in order to maintain gameplay balance. Note that this is a generic list and not every civ server will do everything in this list.

Changed Mechanics

Almost always changed:

  • Disable trading with villagers
  • Disable endermen picking up blocks
  • Disable the wither's ability to break blocks (via either explosions or its initial spawn explosion)
  • Disable opening ender chests (note that ender chests can still be used for Shop Relays)
  • Disable enchanting books via enchantment table
  • Disable all vanilla xp sources (mining, mob drops, smelting, fishing, etc) except for xp bottles. See Enchanting for how to get experience
  • Disable teleportation via chorus fruit

Sometimes changed, depending on the civ server:

  • Elytra wings might be removed
  • Only send death messages in a local radius of the death (usually around 1k blocks). See also Chat
  • Increase base movement speed of mounted horses to 0.3 (from 0.17 in vanilla)