Royal House of Astonia

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Imperial House of Astonia
  • King of Astonia (1st - 2nd states of Astonia)
  • Emperor of Astonia (3rd, 5th, 7th states of Astonia)
  • Sovereign of Astonia (4th state of Astonia)
  • Crown Prince of Astonia (2nd state of Astonia)
  • Emperor of Jolington
Current head:SinjoroJoCrafter
Heir ApparentKingServal (de jure), Pirater (de facto)
MembersSinjoroJoCrafter, KingServal, Pirater, minemaster933

The Royal House of Astonia, also known as the Imperial House of Astonia or the Imperial House of Jolington, is a Royal dynasty that has held power over nations on CivClassic and CivRev.

List of Members and their Titles

Member Titles Countries Involved In
SinjoroJoCrafter King of Astonia (1st and 2nd States)

Emperor of Astonia (3rd, 5th, and 7th States)

Emperor of Jolington (Jolington)

Astonia, Jolington, Astonia (CivRev)
KingServal Sovereign/Emperor of Astonia (4th State) Astonia
Pirater Crown Prince of Astonia (2nd State)

King of Astonia (2nd State)

Minemaster933 Official Royal Member Jolington

Unrecognized Members

Pretender Name Claimed Title Notes
Incentives King of Astonia (2nd State of Astonia) Proclaimed by Adinan president Matanic1107, sparking a war[1] between Adina and Astonia. This claim was ignored by both sides at the end of the war.
7misun Emperor of Astonia (Icenian/Bloomean/Adinan Occupying Regime[2]) Sold the title in an unrecognized auction by Adinan authorities, which was unopposed due to SinjoroJoCrafter ceding Astonian lands and groups to Adina[3][2].