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KingServal was a player who joined CivClassics in late 2019. He was one of the leading citizens of the Third State of Astonia, and the emperor of the Fourth State of Astonia.

KingServal's skin
Personal Info
Current Citizenships Astonia
Known ForBeing the emperor of Astonia
Main ResidenceAstonia (now destroyed)
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivClassic 2.0
Iterations played onCivClassic 2.0

Third State of Astonia

KingServal joined Astonia around September, and quickly assisted in developing Astonia, especially its capital, Euless.

KingServal played a large part in the Aurum Invasion of Astonia, being one of the only players to be able to log on to defend the city from SirFriendzone of Varkonia. He could not stop SinjoroJoCrafter from being pearled, however.

Fourth State of Astonia

The Astonian Treaty, which was a dictat by Varkonia, Imperial Truidence, Icenia, and Adina against Astonia forcibly removed SinjoroJoCrafter as Emperor of Astonia, and forcibly placed KingServal on the throne in his place. The treaty-makers' hope in this was to leave a weak Astonia they could exploit by placing a newfriend on the throne. Unfortunately, the dismantlers of Astonia underestimated Serval's resolve, and his Astonia continued in relative prosperity, although greatly reduced in territory and prestige. During this short period, Serval's Astonia and SinjoroJoCrafter's Free City of Arlington worked together to dodge the terms of the Astonian Treaty, believing it to be an illegal action. KingServal later retired from play, giving Astonia back to SinjoroJoCrafter and inagurating the Fifth State, which was soon finally destroyed by the treaty-making forces.


A street in Jolington is named after KingServal.

KingServal's residence, known as the Lazuli Palace during the period he was Emperor of Astonia, was destroyed by Icenian and Bloomean forces during the occupation of Astonia.