Old Godhaven

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A map of Old Godhaven and the other IF states in the area, taken before construction of Ascension began.

Old Godhaven, formally known as the Duchy of Old Godhaven and the Margraviate of Panem, was the main former base of Godhaven and the Imperial Federation (IF) on the mainland. It was leased to the IF, who wished to claim land before the New World was released, on May 21st, 2020 by SPQR under the Treaty of Roma. [1] While other states such as Boria and Concordia made small claims to the land, Godhaven was the largest state by far. Old Godhaven was known for its very high number of newfriends, and at one point was estimated to recruit one newfriend a day. Once the New World was released, the land was peacefully returned to SPQR and is now a ghost town only used as a port for travelers to the new world. Today, Old Godhaven is best known for being the town located directly south of the large Olympian vault Ascension Vault, with conflict happening directly outside the town.

Government and Lifestyle

Old Godhaven was an absolute monarchy ruled by Grand Duke Thejmqn and was a state under the IF. It was divided into two sub monarchies: The Duchy of Old Godhaven, where the main town was, and the Margraviate of Panem, where farms were. Old Godhaven was known for having no building code and for following the Godhavic tradition of not reinforcing any builds. The government was almost non-existant due to almost the entire population being comprised of newfriends, and the IF Senate ruled over in most cases. The only major controversy around Old Godhaven was the building of Ascension Vault. The IF government was warned the vault may be used to attack the Imperial Federation as revenge for being in the First Hell War; however, a treaty [2] between Blackwater and the IF government eased this tension. Today, Old Godhaven is used as a port for those sailing to the new world as it is the closest city to it.