League of Resistance

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League of Resistance
• Alliance Speaker (first)
• Alliance Speaker (last)
Foundation date21st July 2019
Succeeded by Latvian Soccer Dogs (partially)
IdeologyAnti-imperialism, Anti-World Police, irredentism

The League of Resistance, also known as the Axis of Resistance, was an alliance on CivClassic 2.0 founded by Sovia-Unitas and Astonia to oppose the takeover of New Sovia by SwiftFizz and the takeover of Astonia's original land by Adina. Its members included Sovia-Unitas, Astonia, Nipplerock, and Arlington at various points.


New Sovia Civil War

The League of Resistance's first primary purpose was to wrest control of the nation of New Sovia from SwiftFizz, who had stolen it from the other leaders. This conflict lasted over a month, and during it SinjoroJoCrafter was pearled by SwiftFizz and held in the Varkonia Vault after he did minor bombing damage to Ceylon, despite the consent of the true owner to do so.

Astonian-Adinan War

Astonia and Nipplerock led a push to liberate the Astonian occupied territories taken over by Adina. This only accomplished minor damage to Old Astonian infrastructure by SinjoroJoCrafter and minor bombing damage to Adina City by Gantoe.


Alliance Membership
Nation Head of State Date Joined Date Left Reason for Leaving
Sovia-Unitas Pirater & Raven 21st July 2019 23rd August 2019[1] New Sovia restored from occupation
Astonia SinjoroJoCrafter (2nd and 3rd State)

KingServal (4th State)

21st July 2019 31st November 2019 Alliance dissolved
Nipplerock Gantoe 26th July 2019 31st November 2019 Alliance dissolved
Arlington SinjoroJoCrafter 3rd November 2019 22nd November 2019 Nation annexed by Astonia
Alliance Speaker
Speaker # Beginning of Term End of Term Home Nation
SinjoroJoCrafter I 21st July 2019 3rd August 2019 Astonia
Gantoe II 3rd August 2019 1st October 2019 Nipplerock
SinjoroJoCrafter III 1st October 2019 2nd November 2019 Astonia
3rd November 2019 8th November 2019 Arlington
KingServal IV 8th November 2019 31st November 2019 Astonia