Important dates of CivClassic 2.0

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Some days on CivClassics are celebrated annually, some are server wide while others are nation specific.


  • Foundation of Lambat on the 13th of January, celebrated as National Day as per law.[1]


  • Republic Day of Lambat on the 13th of February, in commemoration of the establishment of the Republic of Lambat.[1]
  • Day of Rememberence of Lambat on the 23rd of February, In remembrance of the 2/23 incident, or the Sack of Lambat.[1]


  • Founding Day (Icenia) is on the 11th of March and is Icenia's anniversary of being re-established on CivClassics.[2]
  • Minemaster Day is officially celebrated in Mount September by law on the 23rd of March[3], celebrating the player Minemaster933.
  • Birth of Civcraft 1.0 and the civ genre as a whole on the 24th of March.[4]


  • End of the Somber war on the 8th of April.
  • The CSA declares independence from Mount Augusta on the 13th of April of 2020.[5]


  • Birth of CivClassics on the 2nd of June.[4]
  • Jah Day on the 18th of June celebrated primarily in Icenia to remember XXXTentacion with events normally occurring in Jah Park.[6]


  • Columbia Day on the 3rd of July.[7]
  • End of the Infinity war on the 19th of July.


  • NYC of Yoahtl was founded on the 11th of August.[8]


  • Lusitania was founded on the 2nd of September of 2017[9]



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