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The Cocoa Republic
Capital cityHearth
• Magistrate
Foundation date16/03/2020[1]

Eslenti, officially the Cocoa Republic of Eslenti, is a nation on CivRealms consisting of a portion of western jungle in the southern part of the map. Eslenti borders Bobanga, Miletos and Anvard, it also is near Alexandria. Eslenti is an oligarchy consisting of a Magistrate appointed by the Consul. Each consul member receives a vote on the Magistrate, who serves at the pleasure of the Consul.

Eslenti was founded in mid-March of 2020 by Crunchy__Water, SirCrowley, Sovakat, and Ian_X12. Some of the founders of Eslenti were expelled from Alexandria after protesting the double diamond program, arguing that it unfairly targeted newfriends.

Eslenti consists of the capital city of Hearth in addition to some smaller farm lands. As a Cocoa Republic, Eslenti's primary export is cocoa.

The Gang of 27

On the evening of May 27, 2020, after negotiations over a military alliance between Eslenti and Blackwater began to break down, a massing of troops was detected within the territorial borders of Eslenti. After some brief combat around the streets of Hearth, the remaining Eslentian soldiers SirCrowley and Ian X12 retreated to the Eslenti National Bunker. A much larger group of soldiers appeared outside the bunker and began breaking the city bastions protecting Eslenti. The bastions were depleted in record time and the invasion force began breaking into the bunker as the last of Eslenti soldiers logged.

Later that evening it was determined the raiding force consisted of 27 PvPers from multiple nations on the server and constituted the largest raiding force ever assembled in CivCraft history.

The raiders were unmasked and a post was made on the CivRealms sub-reddit decrying the raid[2]. A list of raiders was compiled:

  1. Vah
  2. Seared
  3. Posey
  4. Risunsky
  5. BuddhismCrusades
  6. Noctideus
  7. Supposed
  8. Bossacus
  9. EarthwormDave
  10. lapis_lazuli_hoe
  11. Apogon
  12. Steve__Harvey
  13. 116138521292026
  14. Peeedz
  15. nikeb00m
  16. DrSlippy
  17. kaboooose
  18. DeathAndRebirth
  19. Fitler2
  20. Stoveeeee
  21. CrayFishAttorney
  22. Phacad3
  23. Baxicon
  24. dae_shik
  25. Squapin
  26. DawnShire
  27. ParagonOfJustice