Aggregated Truidencian Party

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Aggregate Truidencian Party

Comhiomlán Truidenciach Páirtí
FoundedJune 10th, 2021
HeadquartersInis Móin (Imperial Truidence)
NewspaperBezist's Bulletin
  • Aggregationism
  • Orthodox Bezism
  • Distributism
  • Eastward Colonialism
  • Conceptualism
  • Spiritualism
  • Accelerationism
ColorsEmerald Green
Slogan'For Bez and His People'
Party flag

The Aggregate Truidencian Party is a political party in Imperial Truidence advocating for Conceptualism, Distributism, colonial expansion and orthodox Bezism. The party was founded on the 10th of June, 2021 by the Bog Knight, Discozoa in order to organize the like-minded Truidencians engaging in the democratic system. The ATP's primary rival is the Truidencian People's Party (TPP).


Aggregationist Parxis (Civball Edition)

The ideological basis of the ATP is that of Bezism and loyalty to the faith first and foremost. In order to reinforce the faith, the spread of Bezism and Bezist temples is a key goal.

Domestic Policy

The economic policy of the party is that of a form of Distributism, being somewhat of a midpoint between capitalist and socialist economics. This demands a compromise with business-run organizations and worker-run unions, with both having rights and privileges under the law of Imperial Truidence, neither surpassing the other.

A key goal of the ATP is the growth and development of the eastern lands of Imperial Truidence, usually defined as regions east of the city of Northland. As the founder and current leader of the ATP, the Bog Knight, has invested much into these lands and colonies, it is central to the party. Ever since the fall of Verda and the many unclaimed areas in the region, this eastward colonialism was based off of this opportunity.

Foreign Policy

The foreign policy is focused on mutual gain with neighboring nations, specifically accessing the international community east of Imperial Truidence. In the past, the 'King of the Noon' doctrine as it was called was professed by the ATP, before it was realized that claiming lands in the central region had become an impossibility and the ATP refused to have conflict with Icenia (a key point of the now dissolved ATNPP). Cooperation and solidarity with eastern nations has also been undertaken.

Actions of the ATP

ATP Actions in Domestic Policy

  • Contributed to the construction of many Bezist temples in and beyond Imperial Truidence along with many minor holy sites and establishments.
    • Chuarpstoen Chapel
    • Árbez Temple
    • Carrot Land Temple
    • Brollog Temple

ATP Actions in Foreign Policy

  • Attempts have been made to reach out to nations east of Imperial Truidence. In the interest of entrenching Truidencian influence and cooperation among the states of the eastern community, the Bog Knight contacted the Conference of Eastern States (CES) in want of bringing Imperial Truidence into the organization as an observer state. Such attempts were put down by Emperor Obtainable Spatula, with the liege not trusting several member states of the CES.
  • Continuous support of Bezist communities and religious establishments outside of Imperial Truidence. This allows such communities to know the same opportunities even outside the boarders of Truidence.