Dawn Guard Pact

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Dawn Guard Pact
The Logo of the Dawn Guard Pact is a combination of the flags of Icenia and Yoahtl.
FormationAugust 2, 2023
TypeMutual Defense
• Representative
• Representative
• Representative
• Representative
Foundation documentDawn Guard Pact
Preceded bySEC
MottoFrom the past full of hardships,

We’re set on a new path. With Friendship at peace, Unity at war,

And Confidence always.

The Dawn Guard Pact is a defensive alliance between Icenia and Yoahtl on CivMC.

The pact was signed on August 2, 2023 by Arconis000 (Yoahtl) and ChrisChrispie (Icenia) based on a draft by MechanicalRift. However, it was not made public until the War of the Icenian Coalition on December 8, 2023.


The mutual friendship of Icenia and Yoahtl goes back many years, with both nations being allied for example in the UDF. For the launch of CivMC, the two nations originally planned to settle near each other, which ultimately ended up not happening.

During March 2023, Kibbles/TheBoss asked the then-Icarians Dawsonisrainy and SOGGYHOBO/Zap to defect the SEC and attack Yoahtl with him. The SEC in cooperation with Yoahtl launched a military operation to disable their bunker east of Winterbourne. As the conflict progressed, Gang Shi, who had previously antagonized both Yoahtl and Icenia, joined the side of the raiders. Despite Yoahtl's isolationist policy and general wariness of big alliances, and several SEC members' generally low opinion of Yoahtl stemming from events on past Civ servers, after this conflict and successful further cooperation, Yoahtl joined the SEC as an Associate Member state in April 2023, a membership rank specifically introduced to the SEC charter for Yoahtl.

Following the dissolution of the SEC after the Butternut-SEC War, Icenia and Yoahtl decided to retain their cooperation by forming a minimal defensive alliance without any plans to add more member nations, citing the amount of issues that arose from non-Icenia or -Yoahtl members in the SEC.

On December 8, 2023, the alliance launched a joint war against Gang Shi.