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Basic Info
Start DateJune 2, 2022


Additional developers:

Former staff:

Minecraft Version1.18.2
Franchise Info
Preceded byCivClassic

CivMC is a mainline Civ server run by Wingzero which launched on June 2, 2022. It is the mainline successor to CivClassic and the current mainline Civ server.

Pre-launch history

CivMC was announced in a reddit post made public in the early morning of 17 December 2021 (UTC)[2]. In this post, it was announced that CivMC is planned to run on Minecraft 1.18, and "will be publishing more information on an alpha testing phase in the new year [2022]".

In late February 2022, Wing began posting semi-weekly teasers for upcoming features and mechanics of the server.[3]On March 25th, the 10 year anniversary of the launch of Civcraft 1.0, the admins hosted a Q&A and revealed or confirmed a slew of features.[4] On May 13, Wingzero announced the server would release on May 26, 2022.[5] Roughly 4 hours before the initial planned server launch time, the CivMC admins announced a week delay due to some bugs and for additional aesthetic changes. The newer launch date was set to June 2, 2022.

CivMC was launched at June 2, 2022, with over 400 players attempting to join on launch. Less than half of users being able to play on launch due to high server load, and many people were stuck in a queue.


  • 1 account limit (Was originally supposed to be a 3 account limit)
  • Bound armor
  • More useful Brewery
  • Reinforcement decay is localised, forcing players to be physically near their reinforcements to refresh them as opposed to decay which refreshed simply by logging in, like on CivClassic.
  • 1.8 PvP, including the following changes:
    • Sweeping attacks are disabled
    • Attack cooldown is removed
    • The cooldown of ender pearls and golden apples is set to 16 seconds
    • Clicks per second are limited to 9
    • Custom food health regeneration and knockback values are set
    • All non-sword damage is reduced by 20%
    • Instant health regenerates 12 points of hp (6 x ♥)
  • A limited number of nether portals that can be used to access the nether, which is 1:1 with the overworld and where pearled players are now sent instead of the End.
  • Nether Only Reinforcement Materials: Netherbrick - 50 Breaks Gold Ingot - 300 Breaks Gilded Blackstone - 2000 Breaks
  • No villager trading, enchanted apples, ice boats, enderchests, grindstones, chorus fruit teleportation, exploding beds or respawn anchors in the nether, end crystal damage, iron golem farms, ender pearl stasis chambers
  • Ability to view horse stats by right clicking with a stick
  • Ability for players to equip a banners on their heads by punching the ground with a banner
  • /gamma

/r/place advertisement

With the launch of the second installment of r/place on April fools, the CivMC community attempted to secure a space on the canvas. Before the entire r/Place was whited out, there was a small rendition of the server's logo on the south eastern side of the canvas.

Admin History

Two admins who had been a part of the server's first months, BlueSylvaer and Infra_, resigned after various accusations of violating the conduct and content policy, and engaging in real-world consequence activities within other Civ servers and within Discord. Other admins have made some statements in reference to these allegations, saying the latter had been forcibly removed and leaving most Civ-related discords prior to the server's launch. Infra announced his departure via a discord announcement sent post launch in July 2022.

On 18 January 2024, SoundTech announced his voluntary resignation from the admin team, with the caveat that he would remain as a helping hand to facilitate development and provide team support when possible. Two days later, on 20 January, server owner Wingzero54 revealed that the admin Diet Cola had also chosen to step away from his role as an admin.

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