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Civ servers often change combat to pre-1.8 mechanics, make players tankier, and generally rebalance all combat-affecting items. The plugin that handles this is often Finale.


Specific changes will vary heavily from server to server. On CivClassic, the following changes to combat were implemented:

  • Revert combat to pre-1.8 mechanics
  • Dual wielding is enabled.
  • Clicking at rate higher than 8.5 (?) CPS will decrease the overall damages dealt.
  • Ender Pearls have a cooldown of 15 seconds (vs. 1s in vanilla).
  • Ender Crystals do not inflict damage on the player but will still destroy surrounding blocks.
  • Snowballs and eggs do no inflict damage nor knock players back but will slightly damage armor.
  • Buff bows by 20%
  • Enchanted golden apples turn to normal golden apples when eat attempted.
  • Increases damage reduction granted by the Protection enchantment
  • Nerfs the strength potion back to pre-1.5 mechanics
  • tripled added damage from strength potion levels
  • 30% chance projectile causes slow debuff for 100 ticks