Based:January 2022 Mount September Mayoral Election

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Mock mayoral elections were announced in Mount September for January 2022, after Kaprediem posted a bill vote[1] to conduct one. Candidature applications opened the same day[2]. All residents were eligible to run except KingOfTheMochas, due to term limits[2]. No one was eligible to vote, so no candidate was elected mayor.


Name Political Party / Platform Previous Positions Notes
SinjoroJoCrafter Septembrian Sexy Security and Safety Party (S4P) Ambassador from Jolington, Menace
Kaprediem Troggers Advancement Party (TAP) None
SamBonusG "party of Cthulhu" Judge, Cup of Commerce
Thraldrek Augustan Democratic Party (ADP) Mayor, Judge
Yergo Septembrian Epic Party Local Guide, Auspitice
Ahme63 Independent Judge