Septembrian Sexy Security and Safety Party

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Septembrian Sexy Security and Safety Party

septembra seksa sekureca sana partio
AbbreviationS4P or SSSSP
FoundedNovember 15th, 2021
IdeologyRadically Anti-World Police, Big Tent Anti-Weepee, Judicial Reform
Slogan"liberaj ŝtatoj devas esti liberan" ("Free States Must Be Free")

The Septembrian Sexy Security and Safety Party, or S4P for short, is a political party in Mount September. It was founded by SinjoroJoCrafter on November 15th, 2021 to contest the November 2021 re-election campaign of KingOfTheMochas for Mayor of Mount September.


November 2021 Mayoral Elections

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
KingOfTheMochas (I) September Labor Party (SLP) 13 81.25%
SinjoroJoCrafter Septembrian Sexy Security & Safety Party (S4P) 3 18.75%

The S4P was founded to contest the re-election bid of KingOfTheMochas as Mayor of Mount September.

The party was founded for three reasons:

- The perceived injustice of the verdicts in SamBonusG v. Minemaster933 and Minemaster933 v. BritishWanderer et al. against Minemaster933,

- The perceived overreach of power displayed by KingOfTheMochas in derelicting Minemaster933's properties while he was a fugitive hiding in South Augusta because of the aforementioned cases,

- And the use of foreign forces (Hjaltland, specifically) in Mount September in order to break Minemaster's bunker.

The party gained immediate support from anti-World Police ideologues active in Septembrian politics, such as TheOrangeWizard and Minemaster933. Despite its rise, the party performed poorly in this election, due in large part to an outage of CivClassic making it impossible for S4P supporters to register to vote.