The Rockwell Institute

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Symbol of the Rockwell Institute

The Rockwell Institute (TRI) is an international organization dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and publication of all art on CivClassic. Especially books and architecture. It currently has 3 locations across the map with plans to expand across friendly nations and then the world. At any given location, anyone can buy books, hottest and newest on the server, and donate their own work where TRI will copy and ferry it to all their other locations. TRI's prices for books are extremely reasonable (all copies are priced at 3 stone).

Oath of the Rockwell Institute

We, the members of The Rockwell Institute, pledge ourselves to the preservation, promotion, and propagation of art and culture on civclassics. We shall never engage in the extinction of these ideals. We shall respect the authors of these arts and their rights to them. We shall respect the states in which we operate. The Institute shall never push a political agenda other than what we’ve outlined above. We shall commit ourselves to art and culture.

For Civ, For Future,
Our tenure begins.