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Libraries on CivClassic 2.0 are typically places that provide access to player-written books via shop chests, in exchange for some form of currency.

A work-in-progress list of them can be found below.

Sortable table
Name Location Coordinates System Type Opened Run by Notes Collection size
Shardore Tower Library Mt. Augusta -7292, 2800 Shop chests Public 2019-10-19 Maester Alliance 103 books
Orion Memorial Library Mt. Augusta -6612, 2969 Shop chests Public unknown HenryDraton/Orionite Demolished, likely in early 2019 32 books
Auroran Memorial Library Mt. Augusta -7186, 2948? Shop chests Public never Higgenbottoms/AuroraCorp Never finalised and never opened unknown
Taozi Grand Library (桃子市の大図書館) Taozi, Gensokyo 1097, -2781 Shop chests Public TBA To be decided Building completed april 24th, library not yet opened none
Library of Rotterdam Rotterdam, Columbia -4780, -8760 Shop chests Public ~2018-07 lemuractionnews & KnotNSA Surrounding territory currently a warzone! ~50 books
Westminster Library? Westminster, Commonwealth -7187, 5076 Shop chests Public Orig. opened ~2017-11, Reopened ~2019-05 unknown Uses library cards for the shop exchanges 9 books
Pacem CivEx Archive Pacem -600, 9730 Shop chests Public 2019-09-26 SortByNode & Shtim A collection of historical works from the Civilisation Experiment 1.0 world. 61 books
Leather Bounded Books Salisbury -3050, -2300 Shop chests Public August 2020 Government of Gabon Sells Gabonese literature for iron ~20 books
The Sunken Library Mount September -4780, 2050 Shop chests and Lecterns Public 2021 AmandaCC -
The Red Library of Little Stonewall Little Stonewall, Confederation of Socialist Augusta -6460, 3540 Shop chests Public 2021-06-25 CSA Citizens A curated library focusing on socialist literature -