NADA Organisation

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NADA Incident
Date11th - 22nd December 2019
Result Loyalist victory
Loyalists Separatists
Commanders and leaders
Emperor Attoprak Nadavch
Casualties and losses
none 2 killed

The NADA Organisation was a separatist clique from the very earliest days of the Grand Imperium on CivClassic in late 2019, which led to an extremely minor and localised conflict.


Nadavch joined the Grand Imperium around December 11th 2019, starting as a builder and rapidly attracting a large number of Hebrew-speaking friends to join the Grand Imperium's test server. Nadavch proceeded to give Creative permission to his friends and they constructed unauthorised buildings all over the test server. Difficulties were compounded by the language barrier between the Hebrew-speaking players in Navdach's clique and the other English-speaking players of the Grand Imperium.

To keep Nadavch and his friends happy, an agreement was reached whereby Navdach would construct his own Hebrew-speaking town on CivClassic.

However, Navdach and his friends, including oFek, were seemingly dissatisfied with this. After Nadavch griefed a Coventhian map art on 20th December 2019, the clique was confronted by Emperor Attoprak, and a fight broke out during the argument. The Emperor retaliated immediately, summoning allies and personally pearling the separatists. The exile-pearls of those who had dared to raise arms against their Emperor were claimed, and he once again offered terms on December 22nd 2019: Navdach's clique were to undergo a probationary period where their Discord privileges would be diminished, their groups put under the control of msjerven, and their access to Capitum territories revoked. Additionally, they were to perform penal labour on the Transoceanic Canal. The 'forgiven terrorist group', as they were to be officially known, were to have their full rights and citizenship reinstated after a month of good behaviour. Nadavch agreed to the terms, but later revoked his agreement and was formally expelled from the Grand Imperium as a result.

The small base belonging to Nadavch and oFek has been preserved as a museum of life in the very earliest days of the Grand Imperium and a memorial to the importance of unity in the Imperium. The site was located between the Transoceanic Canal and Ministry of Production building and is open for visitors.