NADA Organisation

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NADA Incident
Attoprak and Nadavch.png
Date11th - 22nd December 2019
Capitum, Guney Province
Result Loyalist victory
Loyalists Separatists
Commanders and leaders
Emperor Attoprak Nadavch
Casualties and losses
none 2 killed

The NADA Organisation was a separatist clique from the very earliest days of the Grand Imperium on CivClassic in late 2019, which led to an extremely minor and localized conflict.


Nadavch was a regular player on the CivClassic server. After playing a while on the building testing world on minehut, he and his friends joined the main server. Nadavch and his friends creeperchu, cutearigato and oFek brought a lot of Hebrew speakers to the server. One day, nadavch and creeperchu wandered off and found a huge pixel art. They believed that was made by an admin using commands. Nadavch and creeperchu took some quartz from the frame of the pixel art, being careful not to damage the art itself. Nadavch and creeperchu got pearled immediately. Even after a lot of explaining, the two were not freed, allegedly because "the Imperium [sp] was too scared to talk to them, and put it all on their friend." oFek tried to help negotiate, but was met with swears and screams. No matter what they did, nothing happened and the Imperium treated them very rudely. Nadavch, creeperchu, oFek and cutearigato decided to quit the server and never come back.