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The people of Antigua were nomadic on the island for a long time before moving to Tabago y Corona and building their new capital there.

Sea People

The Antiguan peoples were not the first peoples to inhabit the Island. A settlement called Cape Winds existed on the Island for at least 2 months prior to the arrival of the Sea Peoples. These "Sea Peoples," were proto-Antiguan settlers who arrived on the island around late July of 2018, on the island these new settlers found it to be abandoned and void of native populations.

This resulted in the establishment of L'Habana- a tribal settlement on the isle isolated from the rest of the world.

Vitelian Rule

Eventually it was discovered that the island the sea peoples had settled was actually in the claims of a much larger and more powerful nation called "Vitelia" The nation was very lenient with the sea peoples and allowed them to remain settled in their areas, after this point the tribes were considered citizens of the Vitelian province of Western Braxos.

This status quo was kept until the natives felt ostracized by the main land citizens due to their attitudes toward the islanders not speaking English and refusing to give up their Indoja religion for Catholicism. These conflicts were settled by the establishment of the new province of Antigua separate from Western Braxos.

Dissolution of Vitelia

Eventually Vitelia was dissolved after a major conflict, during this time Antigua managed to evade occupation from foreign powers. The Island became de-facto independent, this causing a lot of difference of ideas on how this young state would be run.

Civil War

During this turbulent time General Fantasia couped the monarchy and locking the now pearled king in a tower over looking L'habana. She ruled the country along side Sehla as a Fascist Dictatorship for the next two months, this period was highlighted on much death in the activity of players and the suppression of Indojic Shamanism.

Reformation of Vitelia

After the 1st dissolution of Vitelia, Kalypso tried to revive the state managing to negotiate for many of the former lands. This reformed Vitelia was quite different and was run by former Antiguans. During this period Kalypso asked Matanic who was at this point settling a commune (not publicly acknowledged but permitted by Kalypso) to be his prime minister due to his experience in civ and communal ideas, after several requests Matanic accepted. However due to the bad reputation of Vitelia and not wishing to be associated Matanic resigned. The revival of Vitelia did not bring activity back to Antigua.

Final Dissolution of Vitelia and Establishment of Adina

Due to the failure of the reformation of Vitelia to revive Antigua, Matanic- a previously little contacted inhabitant of Tabago- proposed to Kalypso a radical idea: the formation of a new nation (Adina) which would be based on democratic ideas and the movement of the capital to Matanic's commune in Tabago. Matanic and Kalypso agreed that the monarch should have no power in this new state and should be a cultural and religious leader. Kalypso promised to do this after the transition period as he felt the traditionalist Indoja would not accept this new move. Matanic proposed the name change to Adina to show a fresh start and to shed the bad reputation of Vitelia. Matanic ended a treaty with Vinland that required Antigua to pay 15d to Vinland per week for some old Vitelian territory and also returned the island of Rowa to Maltovia as he felt this would spread the nation too thinly. He officially dissolved the Reformed Vitelia in a reddit post. This was less than a month after the reformation.

Political History

Transitional Government (establishment - 21st of July)

Now firmly established and recognized, the citizenry of Adina pulled together to form a cohesive new nation. The first President of the Federation was declared to be Matanic. Alongside the monarch Kalipso_Angel, the government worked tirelessly to terraform the land, build tentative links with other nations and establish factories. During this period the population boomed, reaching twenty full-time citizens and two resident workers. In tandem with population, treasury surplus began to appear, alongside a huge demand for housing- which the capital has so far managed to meet.

In terms of culture a small Orthodox minority developed a temple under the watch of Patriarch ImperatorMendes.

The period would be, despite its transitional status, one of the most cohesive also.

During this period the first Adina-Astonia conflict took place due to SinjoroJoCrafter's attempt to secede from the nation illegally[1][2]. This led to decisive action to be taken by Matanic. He organized an expedition with SamuelWizard and Evan(Incentives) to surprise SinjoroJoCrafter. He was pearled by SamuelWizard. As a result Astonia was annexed back into Arrelani with all groups being ceded. There was fear of Sovian involvement in this but the situation was explained and relations between Sovia and Adina warmed, eventually leading to the marriage of Matanic to Pirater.

Fresh elections were held early and the formal Transitional Government Structure ended on the 1st of August with the announcement of a permanent constitution and a full complement of elected officials as follows:

First Federal Election (election period 21st July - 23rd)

Presidential Elections
Name / IGN Previous Government Position Votes Cast Percentage
Matanic / Matanic1107 President, Governor of Corona y Tabago Uncontested Uncontested

Matanic won the presidency as the incumbent candidate in a uncontested election. He stood on a platform of expanded democracy, a grant system for projects and an XP stockpile for the populace.

Judicial Elections
Name / IGN Previous Government Position Votes Cast Percentage Turnout (%)
Cocobeaa / Cocobeaa Governor of Arrelani 3 37.5% 47
ImperatorMendes / ImperatorMendes_ None 5 62.5% 47

The position of Judge had not been filled until this point, therefore there was no incumbent to unseat.

The Governor of Arrelani (who had founded the ‘Adinan Communist Party’) ran on a platform of continued precedence of Spanish. The Orthodox Patriarch, ImperatorMendes also ran this electoral cycle, publishing a mock-up election poster, and making promises to codify the Adinan legal code and to push for a Bill of Rights to be drafted- alongside general assurances of neutrality and fairness.

Both candidates expressed distaste towards the actions of a prominent Astonian Independentist- an issue still in the minds of many voters.

ImperatorMendes won the seat with a small majority.

Civil Guard Elections
Name / IGN Previous Government Position Votes Cast Percentage Turnout (%)
The Snail / Lilpumpisgod Capitain of Civil Guardia, Governor of Kaga 3 33.3% 47
SamuelWizard / Daddy1015 None 6 66.6% 47

The incumbent Civil Guard Capitain was Lilpumpisgod. His tenure was marked by his governorship of Kaga and the first military expeditions of Adina. He ran on a platform of suppressing terrorism and later said he would see to the equipment of the Guard. Daddy1015 challenged the incumbent on general strengthening of the Guard.

After all votes were cast, it became clear that SamuelWizard had won the contest decisively.

The ‘Eleventh Day’ Administration

The First Government was marked by administrative improvements. The Central Territory of Arellani became a full state, with Incentives as its second Governor. Great bounds were made in creating a legal system, by the incumbent Judge ImperatorMendes, drafting and pushing through the Assembly the Adinan Bill of Rights, Legal Code and Trial Guidelines in the “de Rex Basilicam” (About the King’s Courts).

Minor laws like the Farming and Communal Storage Act were also passed. The Nation’s finances also came to be regularly audited to prevent large outgoing expenses, triggered by a relative gain in wealth.

Matanic's main problem was the conflict between the traditional ideas of Indojic Monarchy and the new Democratic ideas. He often found himself trying to mediate between the two conflicting ideas and create something that worked. There were several coup threats though none came to pass and disapproval of many of his policies by traditionalists labelling them as socialist. Popularity of these reforms and the democratic ideas were popular among newer members of the nation.

The rail connecting the capital of Tabago to Arrelani was completed during this period which allowed for easy transport of goods between the two and a great platform for other rails to be built from.

In tandem with this the Civil Guard also became more well-equipped. Despite not being Captain anymore, Lilpumpisgod continued to contribute to the overall work of the Guard quite heavily.

The first Federal Administration ended when the President was asked to stand down from office triggering new elections. The President was seen as having laid a strong groundwork to build a great nation upon. Indeed this administration was able to deliver all that it promised, in a much shorter period of time. The convention of calling retired Presidents 'El Presidente' began here.

Second Federal Election (31st of July- 18th of September)

The Second Federal Election was a much more limited election, spread over a number of days. The initial vacancy was created by the President’s decision to step down. The position of President was contested in this election unlike prior.

Presidential Election
Name / IGN Previous Government Position Votes Cast Percentage Turnout (%)
Cocobeaa / Cocobeaa None (previously Arellani Governor) 0 Nil 52
ImperatorMendes / ImperatorMendes_ Judge 4 36% 52
Evann / Incentives Governor of Arellani 7 63% 52

Cocobeaa ran on a Indojoic Nationalist Platform. She received no additional votes and dropped out to prevent a runoff.

Both Imperator and Evann ran on increasing production of XP and prevention of unnecessary conflicts, though the latter did not exclude joining alliances. Imperator also ran on a bold platform of introducing a Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Evann won the race with the second-largest democratic mandate of all elections prior. Turnout rose 5% from the previous federal elections.

Second Federal Administration

Not much had changed from the prior administration in terms of staffing other than the President himself. On the day of elections, minor bombings by Nipplerock targeted cultural icons, such as an Indojic effigy, the Orthodox Church and the President and Judge’s houses. The damage was quickly repaired but contributed to an overall feeling of insecurity.

Following the conclusion of the Adinan Wars of Sovereignty, a new Central Territory of Multinesia was annexed and settled for some time by Cortwade. A Casino Resort was finished on the 10th of August.

Population continued to grow steadily during this period. During this period the Entranan Republic came under direct suzerainty from Adina[3]- the move was criticised at the time because it appeared to have inadequate justification prior, though the Entranans had in fact agreed some arrangement after all.

Daddy1015 stepped down from the Captaincy of the Civil Guard to focus more on irl events- elections were then held, with Pirater being elected by a sizeable majority. This initial period was one of great development.

However despite being seen as a great President- being presented with the honorific 'Kshatriya' (warrior) Incentives stepped down after growing political tensions with the monarchy which had transcended political and constitutional bounds.

Trial of Sinjorocrafter

The separatist leader had been wanted in Adina for some time and with the Varkonian pearl expired- and with an extradition request ignored, catching him became higher priority. Upon guarantees from the previous Government of fair trial and leniency, he gave himself up to authorities after a failed guerrilla campaign targeting frontier agriculture primarily. ImperatorMendes was the presiding judge for the case.

A number of charges were brought by the prosecution along with over 30 pieces of evidence being collected for trial. The charges were: High Treason, Violation of a Legislative Injunction, Petty Vandalism, Conspiracy to Commit Murder-for-Hire, Grand Larceny, Impersonation of a Government Official and Sedition.

SinjoroJoCrafter pled Guilty to High Treason, Violation of a Legislative Injunction, Petty Vandalism and Conspiracy to Commit Murder-for-hire. As the trial began and more damning evidence began to pile up on the prosecution side, he later abandoned his defence and admitted to the charge of Grand Larceny likewise, being found Guilty. On Impersonation of a Government Official he was found Not Guilty due to ambiguity of evidence by the prosecution. On Sedition, there was a clear, compelling evidence by the prosecution, aided with multiple witness testimonies- further compounded by the efforts of the Defendant to avoid answering relevant questions by the presiding Judge, leading to him being found Guilty.

Mt. Augusta Olympics

A large team from Adina set out to compete in the Augustan Olympics- booking out the penthouse in the Prism Hotel. The team performed extremely well, being the top achieving team at the Olympics. In the final tally of results Adina had won the Mount. Augusta Olympics decisively with 19 medals.[4]

Republicanism on the Rise

Throughout Adinan history, from when its government began to evolve from proto direct democracy, the monarchy attempted to add its view to the course of politics. The original state of the monarchy was a religious seerdom originating in Antigua. Upon the success of Matanic’s town of Al-Adina, a new capital was established, and so was the Federation of Adina. The original status quo and social contract (for the monarchy was conspicuously absent from constitutional documents) was that the monarchy remain a politically neutral, religious institution as it had always done so. By virtue of discord quirks, the monarch Kalipso I had always had access to sensitive channels, and fairly innocently voiced an opinion on the proceedings. This would be the least contentious period of the monarchy, as it seemed inconsequential. As the government was weak, notions that had always seemed more role-play or whimsical such as single-religion state, were in the backseat in comparison to the need to attract skilled individuals, leading to the official welcome of the Orthodox, who had been living some time prior to this, on the 16th of September.

The first instance of the Monarch using extralegal power was when the resignation of Matanic was heavily lobbied and pressured for- rather than a break, using the pretext of the mishandling of the first “Astonian Crisis”. This opened the door to further interventions and the previous covenant was silently bypassed. This rising trend of political interference came with the rise of the Kodakane- a radical Indojic sect which believed in the installation of an Emperor and the subservience of any secular government to religious sentiment. At the peak of its power, the current Civil Guard Captain SamuelWizard, subscribed to this ideology and plans were drafted to make a political militia to enforce its demands.

The weight of the Black Fang Tribe- loyal to the monarch only and the Kodakane, began to spill into politics. During Incentives’ term they attempted to use their influence to have Kalipso crowned emperor which failed. Furthermore government resources were asked of, misallocated or even embezzled into projects such as the Royal Palace and a library that was never finished. On the 23rd of August, under the pretext of whether Adina should record its unwritten Indojic heritage, religious laws were passed (Imperator had narrowly avoided prosecution previously for treason over Incentives converting to Orthodoxy, due to the intercession of the sitting President Matanic). These laws would include real life topics, inexplicably, and created an atmosphere of fear that dissent would be treasonous. On one occasion the Black Fang were mistakenly set on the President for treason after a miscommunication about a political action. It would become apparent that despite the smoke and mirrors, the Black Fang hardly existed and the Kodakane was primarily a political front for Kalispo and Cocobeaa’s political ambitions- though at the time it was less apparent.

A deal to absorb Ashelor into Adina- on the basis of a largely beneficial agreement was sabotaged due to Kalipso’s unwillingness to compromise over religion. In the argument that descended, he asserted he could dissolve the civilian government whenever he wanted. Incentives finally resigned, realising his lack of autonomy, the second President to have done so on account of the monarchy. He would be the last to do so.

3rd Federal Elections

The 3rd Federal Elections occurred very much upon a political fault line. The nation had essentially dived itself into camps supporting the Monarch's unspoken and entrenched extra-constitutional power and a group wishing to limit it, or at the extremes transition to a full Republic. Largely the monarchy was backed by the staunchest Indoja- leading to a very acrimonious election where the nascent Republican cause began to develop. Monarchists began to criticise the 'old guard' as responsible for all the turmoil in Adina. No candidate was expected to come out unequivocally in favour of Republicanism.

The Republican Address

During the period of announcements, the immediacy of the Republican cause finally became clear in the 'Republican Address', where former Judge Imperator proclaimed the need for a true republic:

"I Imperator shall run for President. I only run for President because I feel I have established a Judicial system that will last long after me. I believe that is what all governments should aim for.

It is rare for a nation to stand on the cusp on something; these moments do come but rarely. The circumstances recently could not have been more turbulent and yet we have ridden the winds onwards. The time has come to adapt our government to suit new challenges and to reflect our inbuilt unity. I have spoken and I have listened, and I agree it is time for a new visions of a full Republic.

We shall come together and I will expand our offices of government to be open to the most able- no longer shall a small cabal of Councillors share the burden and honour of offices.

XP production shall be priorities and we shall establish a Commission to make good on the foundations we've laid. Wealth will come from our private enterprise and our new citizens shall be funded and housed.

Furthermore whilst we shall not provocate we shall instead work on arming the citizenry.

This is the heart of my proposal. Adina shall not fully flourish until the people are free. The nation is only as strong as its people. I promise in the desire for security we shall not lose our fundamental sense of liberty; I shall not establish perma pearling, and I commit only to expand your freedom.



This statement created a large stir, indeed it was mentioned in all other periphery debate afterwards. In the initial hours of the election the relative lead of Pirater (who had neither committed decisively to Republicanism or Monarchism) was touted as a failure of the Republican cause. Yet as the hours passed, his commanding lead dissipated and then gave way to a dominant victory.

Presidential Election
Name / IGN Previous Government Positions Votes Percentage (%)
ImperatorMendes / ImperatorMendes_ Judge 16 59
Pirater / Pirater Capitan, Seer of Nuevo Sovia 11 41
Judicial Elections: First Round
Name / IGN Previous Government Positions Votes Percentage (%)
KiWi / KiWi None 8 33
Cocobeaa / Cocobeaa Governor of Arellani 11 45
Gunmetal / GunmetalMercy Governor of Arellani, later X'ian 3 12.5
Cortwade / Cortwade Governor of Mutlinesia 1 4
Snail / Lilpumpisgod Capitan, Governor of Kaga 1 4
Judicial Elections: Second Round
Name / IGN Previous Government Positions Votes Percentage (%)
KiWi / KiWi None 12 57
Cocobeaa / Cocobeaa Governor of Arellani 9 43
Civil Guard Captaincy Elections
Name / IGN Previous Government Positions Votes Percentage (%)
Cocobeaa Governor of Arellani, Governor of Multinesia 4 28.5
Parvana None 0 Nil
Pirater None 10 71.5

Initial Reforms

After the Republican victory, Imperator acted quickly to form a government, expanding it to its largest size yet, creating advisory roles of prosecutor, Master of Records, XP Commissar and Director of Infrastructure. Early on a route to Bloom was authorised and works began. As promised a constitutional convention was held on many issues, but primarily the monarchy. Between a choice of the Status Quo, Ceremonial Monarchy and a Full Republic, the votes tallied were 0:2:3- in fact 1:2:4 due to Pollmaster issues. This advisory poll gave a direction to further constitutional draftsmanship which was due to occur.

However these chats were leaked- whereas some thought the delay of drafting had meant a loss of commitment to the central tenet of republicanism, the opposite was in fact true.

Monarchist Reprisals and Failed Secession

During the early period of the Imperator Ministry, many radical monarchists who enjoyed privileged positions when the monarchy acted extra-constitutionally focused their anger on the suddenly growing Republican movement. The threats of coup from an entrenched religious militia ‘The Black Fang’ did not work, indeed there was increasing hostility to illegal monarchist intervention in civilian government. People wanted a return to the ceremonial monarch initially promised or indeed a republic, and end to the monarch’s unofficial privileges alongside use of religious laws and militiamen, which had caused the collapse of the previous two governments.

The island of Antigua was an alluring prospect to the radical monarchists. Despite none of them living there anymore it was formally an important site, and quickly was appropriated as birthplace of the monarchy in history. Discord ownership was used as a last ditch blackmail to secure Antiguan independence. When this failed Kalipso_Angel abdicated, to join with the separatists. The President called a vote of the National Assembly to show that the Union would not be compromised. Secession was rejected 5:2. At this point they was a lull in activity. However many leaks and intelligence gathering proved conclusively, not only that the separatists were going to illegally secede but also use Antigua as a staging point to invade the nascent de-facto Republic and reinstall the monarchy imminently. Elaborate plans to seek asylum in case of a downturn and also attempts at military backing were also discovered, along with a plot to entice the Captain of the Civil Guard to defect- all of which failed. The time for diplomacy had ended.

On the 24th of September Imperator declared all Black Fang members along with secessionist leaders pearl-on-sight. A permanent defensive garrison was established in Antigua. The former monarch distanced himself from the secessionists and all key players fled the scene. Since this date, there has been no secessionist activity on Antigua.

September Putsch

After many hesitant days, it had seemed, at least for the moment that calm had returned to Adina. In the late evening a picture was posted by Cocobeaa, running unarmoured in the capital: "the eternal republic cant[sic] even defend its capital". The response was swift and many of the Guard logged on, only to find things were not as they seemed...

The September Putsch

The Winter Palace, where the loyal Guard regrouped.
Date27th November
Adina City and outlying regions
  • Rebels rout before imminent counterattack
  • Cocobeaa becomes persona non grata in multiple territories
  • Collapse of support for the radicals
Republican Government of Adina

Radical Monarchists

Cocobeaa Sympathisers
Commanders and leaders


  • Incentives

Early coup: 5 in-prot

Late coup: exponentially greater

Early coup: 6 in-prot (1 terrorist, 5 sympathisers)

Late coup: 1 combatant
Casualties and losses
1 pearled, released within minutes. 5 defections

The capital had been occupied by an armed group of five fighters and one alt. This group escorted Cocobeaa as they swept the capital and watched without intervening as she beat Tukidoki (the Bloom dual-citizen Judge) to death. However one thing became apparent. Despite the President's haste- he was far away on Bloomian rail works and was safe from the consequences of the armed group in the capital. Initially outnumbered and isolated, the five loyal Civil Guard members online (including Imperator) regrouped in Tallinn, outside The Winter Palace. In lieu of an official residence, Imperator's Winter Palace served as a safe retreat from the capital, with adequate provisions.

In the meantime Tukidoki was ordered to surrender on behalf of the government, refused and was pearled. However unlike what the plotters suspected would happen, the rest of the government or indeed any of the citizens did not come to recognise the Nationalists, who had submitted an alternate constitution. The national discord was in a state of acrimony as Cocobeaa, who had presented herself as the will of the Monarch was now being branded, to her indignation, a common terrorist.

At this point the occupation of the capital had lasted fifteen minutes and internal friction between the group was beginning to show. The majority of the sovian-composed group liked Tuki and were unwilling to have him pearled for a protracted period. Likewise the imminent possibility of Bloom joining the Government in displacing the rebels was becoming a near certainty the longer he remained pearled. An appeal to Icenia did also not go unheeded. The terrorists' hands were forced in releasing Tukidoki's pearl. The whole group fragmented, with the Sovian and Laconian component scattering, with Cocobeaa briefly resting in Southern Kaga before her whereabouts became unknown. A 100d bounty on Cocobeaa was placed later that day[5].

The putsch failed because of four primary reasons:

1) Their inability to form a recognised government or even to occupy the capital longer than twenty minutes.

2) Factional infighting.

3) Imminent foreign intervention.

4) The target of the President was not even in the country when the capital came under occupation, and thus was immune to any attempts at pearling him.


The aftermath of the putsch was one of not a sudden realisation of victory, but a gradual clearing of the mist that had descended. The Sovians involved distanced themselves from events, truthfully stating that they had not participated in violence, having only been a witness to it instead. An alternate interpretation is seeing them as acting as the personal guard of Cocobeaa. As for escorting the terrorist into Adina, they said, it was only out of misjudged loyalty and to allow her to 'see the sights'. They also claimed to have been instrumental in organising Tukidoki's swift release.

Likewise the Laconian Government distanced themselves from the actions of the Sovian-Laconian citizen, and apologised for what had taken place.

Due to goodwill, personal connections on both sides, and a mutual care that Adina not fall into infighting, the two sides quickly reconciled and became one distinct unit.

In terms of the last remaining 'true' terrorist, Cocobeaa fled abroad and attempted to seek haven in Caledonia with Kalispo, the former monarch. After the Adinan government contacted their potential hosts about existing claims on Cocobeaa, wisely the duo decided to move onto another location- unknown at the time. However, the fact that the Monarchists, accusing their opponents of doing the exact same, decided to become foreign puppets in order to force their agenda- permanently stained their reputation.

The lull in hostilities that had given way to the Putsch seemed to now settle entirely, leaving Adina competent at last to focus on its own affairs. Eventually Cocobeaa would be betrayed and assassinated by former allies: an inglorious end to an infamous character in Adinan history.

A Full Republic

De facto after Kalipso's departure, and finally in law a Republic was proclaimed by a huge majority of 80% of all votes cast (10:2:2) after finally passing the National Assembly. In comparison to previous events, it was quietly celebrated as Adina began to get to down to work. Some regions, including the Capital and Antigua especially had suffered during the troubles and there was little time to celebrate.

Capital Works
Adina's Highest Court.
View from inside the walled Southcliff Developments.

Upon Imperator's ascension the condition of the capital had somewhat waned, not helped by a month's delay of critical works due to civil unrest. After the climax of these events, he initiated and primarily funded the largest improvement programme ever undertaken in Adinan history. Unfinished buildings were finished and the south cliff became home to the aptly named Southcliff developments, including many government buildings: a court, a Civil Guardia fort, alongside apartments and 'project houses' (payment for contractors). During his first term the public housing capacity almost doubled, increasing by eleven. Much of these works were funded out of pocket or through the old 'Presidential Palace' works.

Presidential Palace

The Presidential Palace was a design made during the reign of Kalipso, occupying the majority of the Southern capital island. It was meant as a huge and prestigious work, however quickly attracted a negative reputation. Due to its immense and spurious costs, all presidents had avoided focusing on it, with more pressing concerns. As the capital grew and space became more limited, it became a less and less promising proposition. After much dithering, Imperator scrapped the project as representative of the old monarchist largess and waste that had characterised government spending. The funds from this decision are still in use to this day, however funded: the Southcliff developments, Court, Guardia Fort, the paving of sidewalks across the capital and multiple private buildings.

Foreign Relations

Whilst domestically Cocobeaa's rebellion had been extremely unpopular (5/6 putschists being foreign) it was in fact also reflective of how unpopular the regime had been internationally. Restrictions by the Imperial Truidence on travel were largely lifted, just days into the new Republic. Furthermore a non-aggression and limited trade compact called the Treaty of Tobago y Corona was signed by Bloom.[6] This led to some mingling of the two economies, with Adinan charcoal being exported to fund city renovations.

Furthemore, the fateful Astonian Lands Treaty[7] would be signed to contain the perceived militarism of the Astonian Emperor SinjoroJoCrafter.

Rail Links

The single greatest improvement in Adinan transit occurred, with its first truly international line being constructed from Adina to Bloom. Over 8km of rail enabled nations such as Aurum and Icenia to connect onto the 'multi-rail'. A line to the new settlement of Rhea, and a more efficient bypass to Tallinn, were planned and completed during this period.

Renaissance of the North

Crimea, Tajira and Tahari (formerly) were frontier claims until this point. The main developments were Impulsepaci's small settlement on the Crimea, Imperator's township of Tallinn and the hostile reservation of the Black Fang tribe. Tallinn's population doubled during this period and a further three diversions went off its main rail, creating a constellation of border towns and frontier settlements, providing the capital with various commodities like wood and charcoal, along with dominant agriculture. Approximately 25% of all Adinans have some business interest in the Northern frontiers according to census.

Antigua Resettlement

Antigua Post-Resettlement: notice Rhea to the North, and Old Antigua to the South.

The former monarchist region of Antigua was lifted from occupation and resettled. The new town of Rhea would become one of Adina's fastest growing cities, whilst the historical south was preserved in situ.

Attempted Abduction and Personal Rule

However not all was to fall fortunately into Adina's hands. Whilst touring newfriends, ImperatorMendes was jumped by two fully protted and potted alt raiders and knocked into a mineshaft, where he and pamaxwell was set upon. A general state of emergency was issued, with the newfriends shielding the protective hills of Kaga. Despite people wanting to help, they were either too far, suffered internet issues, or were insufficiently geared to make a difference. Even more damningly, despite being online the Captain of the Civil Guard failed to even acknowledge the situation. Thankfully Imperator was unpearled during the chaos of their contested retreat.

Through foreign connections, and not a little luck, a strike force of twelve (included the freed Imperator) was mobilised to defend the capital, primarily UDF, Mirians and Volunteers. The former attempted to fortify a position, whilst volunteers engaged immediately and with much risk. With the timely assistance of a Mirian strike force, the offensive succeeded- Mir ultimately won the day, not any Adinan.

The Captain of the Guard admitted it was futile for him to carry on in his tenure and ceded powers for Imperator to take personal control of the Guard unlike any other President to reorganise it back to effectiveness.

Operation Country Ash

Following this indictment of the country's military capacity, Imperator was quick to call up reserves in order to reassert Adinan dominance. Plans for a wide-ranging counter-terrorist operation were drafted.

Stage 1- (5 of the Guard, 2 Foreigners): a comprehensive sweep of Kaga- rumoured to a be a centre of secessionist, terrorist activity. Hostile infrastructure and snitches were to be destroyed. The vast size of Kaga and historic remnants hindered the operation. Ultimately the operation dispelled notions of hostile infrastructure, though eyebrows were raised at a sacrificial chamber found. The operation would then focus on a bunker complex discovered en route to Kaga.

Mayor Plaza, symbolic of enduring influence in the Kaga region.

Stage 2- (3 of the Guard, 2 Foreigners): an extensive disabling of an alt-raider tied bunker complex. It was a long and technical job, with the bunker branching four different ways, and taking a period of four hours to complete. Strong leadership smoothed over administrative issues and the operation found fruit in terms of new-join books and political writings. The breaking was unchallenged due to the strength of the Guard present and any defenders potentially already being pearled. The bunker was acid-blocked over some days and reinforced under Adinan groups- truly slighting it for any future terrorist operations.

Operation Country Ash greatly reduced the future scope for insurgent or foreign backed activity, whilst also providing lessons in making the Guard a more cohesive unit, regaining some of its effectiveness. It was the first truly Adinan, truly proactive operation for some time, and an unprecedented success given the complexity of the defences.

A New Era

It seemed clear to all, that something had changed over this period. The fabric of the nation had held firm, without a monarch, and for once, Adina seemed at peace. Something that gradually came into public perception was that rather than being an immediate switch, in some way the first three Presidents: Matanic, Evan, Imperator had all contributed towards the nascent democracy now fostered in Adina.

There was unanimity finally that the Republican Government was the sole government of Adina.

End of the First Ministry

The First Imperator Ministry ended with elections and a new government of the Republican System being composed of the following:

Adina under Imperator's First Term.
1st Presidential Elections for the New Republic of Adina
Title Victor
President of the Republic ImperatorMendes
Captain of the Civil Guard Incentives
Judge Matanic1107
National Rep Pamaxwell
National Rep (stood down) Yellofishy

This election was notable for all past or current Presidents occupying the councillate positions.

Second Imperator Ministry (21st of Nov - 21st January)

National Economics

The Second Ministry espoused the view that previous modes of Adinan Economics had to be abandoned- especially ‘ornamental economics’ which had left Adina many pretty buildings, but an underperforming and producing economy. Particularly the prevailing view was that private individuals should begin to pool their private concerns with the funding of the government as Imperator has previously done so. In particular metrics of performance began to be compiled. During the midterm reports Imperator demonstrated the government accounts had gone from just breaking even (as opposed to multiple spending crises before) to reporting a monthly surplus, split into produced goods and reserve diamonds equivalent to 235d.

Stimulation in the Glowstone market and its subsequent integration into funding plans were a particular help, as they historically had provided around 300d in short bursts of market interest.

Final Dismantling of Astonia (Third Astonian Conflict)

Whilst the primary threat of radicals deposing the regime had receded, there still remained low-lying hostilities and fears of a return to high-level hostilities. The then (as stipulated by Astonian Lands Treaty) deposed Emperor of Astonia SinjoroJoCrafter violated borders and committed acts of petty vandalism.

The creation of the Free City of Arlington and its cessation to Astonia[8], and his alleged involvements in instituting demands to the legitimate ruler of Astonia, gave rise to a concern that Astonia would be the new Antigua for radicals under SinjoroJoCrafter’s unstated influence. Yet due to a hiatus from the game, it was impossible for Adinan authorities to pursue him. When he returned at last, he was still in Adinan territories and would attempt to flee via rail to ’his’ territory. An alert was sounded. It was widely expected that he had managed to successfully flee, but due to the tenacity of ImperatorMendes in pursuing him, the two were close, with a reserve division of the a Civil Guard (pamaxwell and matanic1107) lagging somewhat behind to provide support.

Eventually the two would enter personal combat, with Imperator winning the combat with not a single heart of damage. Proving all suspicions prior, SinjoroJoCrafter then collapsed the Astonian government, declaring himself Emperor- in violation of the Lands a Treaty- and Imperator POS in an attempt to bring reinforcements into what seemed would be a wider conflict with Adina over his criminality. These reinforcements never came, and he would be interned in Adina whilst he sat trial. An international tribunal would be convened to ascertain his guilt in violating the treaty. The conference convened against permapearl as a matter of principle and thought more on sanctions- eventually settling on four months; although SirFriendzone of Aurum decided to hold SinjoroJoCrafter for an indefinite period, him only being released nine months later due to the dereliction of SirFriendzone's vault.

The Splintering of Astonian Rule

During this period SinjoroJoCrafter was interned, law and order in the Astonian Region completely disappeared. Raids hit the capital Euless (Richland Lakes), and anything of any value was stripped (even the floors in some cases). What was left were the cobblestone structures which characterized Astonian architecture.

The Imperial Truidence would go onto declare a Astonian puppet state[9] in the region of Decatur. Reports suggest that farms were burned and looted during the rough occupation.

On the 22nd weak Astonian government collapsed[10] to an international community widely expecting this to happen. Adina would be given all remaining Astonian lands, perhaps believing that Adina would provide a gentler occupation than the Imperial Truidence or other treaty signatories. Surveying of the lands would reveal the Free City of Arlington was another front for an Astonian government-in-exile, vindicating this strain of thought.

An auction of the capital lands and the Imperial Title came much to the benefit of the Government Treasury and marked the end of a long history of strife with Astonia.

Integration of the Don Republic

The Don Republic- an inactive nation bordering the Adinan region of Crann Mor was integrated into Adina as a member state after the leader c45cd requested for Don to be integrated into Adina. The primary reasons for this was to increase security within Don and for Adina to help supply Don with materials to rebuild. Matanic, having known of the old Don Republic, noticed c45cd logging in and contacted him to learn more about Don's history. c45cd was shown around Adina and due to them both being republics and the friendly welcome he received in Adina, he proposed the integration, which was finalised on the 22nd of December.