Ember Valley

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Ember Valley
Activity levelLow as of March 2022
Capital cityEmber Valley
• Leader
Foundation date19th of February 2022
Preceded byNone

Ember Valley is a nation on Vintage Civ which was formed by Toni (Ingame name Toobke) in the 19th of February 2022. The town has a high emphasis on farming and medieval era architecture especially with the main castle and home of Toobke.


Ember Valley was supposedly named after the public burning using burning coals, embers, of a player named Miloski who was convicted of multiple accounts of thievery in Ember Valley in the 3rd of October, 1390. This event marked the official founding of the nation. A small series of robberies [1] and minor raids have been happening at Ember Valley from players Donald Trump and WolfEyes [2]


  1. A sign left by a robber in Toni's house Ev.png
  2. Toni ( yes ) March 23 2022 Donald trump and wolfeye griefed and stole at embervalley