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Green Spice (Formally Hitler's Disney Land, HDL [1]) is a nickname for a town situated in the sub-Saharan climate of the world on Vintage Civ.


The town was founded sometime in February of 2022 and was made using a large amount of sandstone for the main center building which was designed similar to a palace or a castle of sorts.

A large series of feuds and conflicts occurred in the first couple weeks of March 2022 when another player got trapped somewhere in Green Spice by a one of the towns members and then got shackled after trying to escape. The shackling resulted in a large amount of anger from the trapped player and made large threats towards Green Spice, such as to destroy the town and loot all of it. [2] The player actually escaped when the shacklegear was updated on the server, and changed the way refueling worked and he escaped. [3] Later, that player came back to bomb and loot the entire town of Green Spice. A few player from Green Spice came to Bastion to shackle the raider, it backfired when another few Bastion player shackled the Green Spice counter attackers and kept the shackles in a secure vault. Later, a member of Green Spice named MULTIPOLAR secured the release to those previously captured Green Spice members. [4]

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BEWARE: This Please be advised that this town has questionable conduct in regards to in-game builds and in-game Proximity Chat. There is not an age requirement to enter, but rather, a stomach for handling that sort of content found within.


  1. Multipolar (March 11 2022) For now you can call it Hitler Disney Land
  2. KingOfTheMochas (March 13 2022) Uhhhh I think Xorb said he got trapped in a room by Faust after he asked him to come to chantown for some reason and then Xorb tried to break down the door to escape and Faust shackled him and then he went (apeshit) and threatened to blow Chantown to smithereens and then he got freed for some reason (channers said there was some kinda deal with jay but it sounds like jay denies that) and then he ended up actually blowing it to smithereens and then channers got reasonably mad but to an unreasonable amount and doxxed (?) him and then he agreed (?) to nuke Bastion if they stopped doxxing him and so he did and now we’re all pissed at him and also each other
  3. M U L T I P O L A R(March 13 2022) We had Xorborax pearled originally (assumed he got out as shacklegear was just updated) but Southern clarified that we didn't refuel his shackle right, because the mechanic is different from civcraft so he got out. He was our bargaining chip and we lost it, we were working on a treaty with Bastion as Xorberax threatened to level our town. Having lost it, Bastion stopped talking to us. Faust initiated the talks, Greenkitten our ambassador reached out to Jaysus but they never got back to us, because why should they they got their guy free.
  4. M U L T I P O L A R(March 13 2022) After bantering in the discord we logged on and saw that our entire town was destroyed and vault broken, and shit stolen. So we saw the guy who did it was still online and were quite pissed. Four of our guys geared up and went to Bastion to shackle him, but 3 other Bastion guys ran out and helped him and he shackled all of us.