Pond Scum

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Pond Scum
Location0, 300 (originally)
Capital cityPond Scum Village
Foundation dateJanuary 4th 2022

Pond Scum Village or just Pond Scum was a town on the server Vintage Civ formed on the server's 1.0 Beta launch day, making it the first populated area on the map.[1] It had a population of around 10 people as of January 2022. It was named after the ponds that attracted the founders to it for farming purposes.


Pond Scum Village was founded on January 4, 2022, the first day of Vintage Civ's 1.0 Beta iteration. Its founders included a handful of Vintage Story veterans, including petlahk and Romec, former AbjectPovertyCraft admins. As its founders were able to quickly move up the tech tree, most people who joined the server in its first days found themselves working in the village, boasting a population of 10-15 residents. Many residents had come from the recently-shut down CivClassics 2.0.

Pond Scum had since relocated into the deep -,-, shedding some players as its population fell below 10. When Vintage Civ 1.0 launched on January 13, 2022, Pond Scum dissolved and its former residents founded many of the current 1.0 nations on Vintage Civ.