Fall of Lexington

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Fall of Lexington
Part of the Somber War
Seige photo by Dsclouse
Western Alliance fighters breach the inner rings
DateApril 7th 2018 - April 8th 2018
Lexington Vault

Result Decisive Western Alliance victory
(see Aftermath section)

Western Alliance


Commanders and leaders

Western Alliance


30 infantry at peak
8 infantry at peak
Casualties and losses
None 5 captured

The Fall of Lexington was a two day siege on CivClassic 2.0 of the Lexington Vault on the world border, it marked the end of the Somber War with a Western Alliance victory. The final siege employed several "new" vault breaking techniques, such as the use of advanced Skybridges and building an entirely new vault in chat range of the enemy vault.


Initial attack from east compared with final attack from west. On the far left the Western Alliance vault is visible

After the failed attack on the Lexington Vault on December 30th, 2017, the war again entered a stale period with neither side prepared to commit the resources for an attack on the other. While Nox forces were still rarely spotted outside of the North World Border, efforts made to free the substantial number of pearls they held were limited to diplomacy, which was largely sabotaged by members of the nox leadership. Hjaltland became increasingly isolationist as a civil war erupted, Frensin's Revolutionary Sect for the Restoration of the Federal State of Falstadt rejected BlueSylvaer's Republican government. By January 25th, the nation was reunified under the banner of the U.F.R. Falstadt.

Despite low morale and thin numbers, the remaining Western Alliance fighters began a Northern insurgency in February; focusing on attacking and disabling infrastructure outside of the Lexington vault - mainly Mob City, Lexington City, and Konigsberg.

During this period, Vaape ventured into the Commonwealth, logged off on a snitch in Arran, and was subsequently supposedly entrapped; VoteLabour was tasked with killing Vaape upon login. The logbox was placed incorrectly, and Vaape began making his escape - on the 6th of March. VoteLabour logged in shortly afterwards, and a duel ensued; VoteLabour pushed Vaape off the cliffs of Arran into the ocean and dived after him. The tide of the fight swiftly turned after the anticheat paralyzed VoteLabour in the ocean, and Vaape, with VoteLabour's pearl, began his journey back to Lexington vault - a distance of over 20,000 blocks. Having met such an unfortunate conclusion, VoteLabour had already mentally prepared himself for his imminent departure. Leadership, acting with urgency, instantly assembled Maxopoly, Diet_Cola, R3KoN, and Magier for interception. Vaape, far from his allies and lacking the resources to survive the impending interception, dropped the pearl and logged off.

Eleven days after this close call, on the 17th of March, Quinn, places a fake bounty on her alt Rail_Bot - located in a FOB nearby Konigsberg - and invites Vaape to pursue it. Vaape, expecting an easy kill and some quick fun, is confronted by Magier. In the labyrinthine tunnels, the two battle for survival for the next 5 minutes, while VoteLabour and Diet_Cola are quickly closing in. Shortly after their duel is interrupted by the arrival of WA reinforcements, [https://youtu.be/mZViwOSsRMA Vaape is defeated].

No serious attacks on any vault were made during this period.

The Western Alliance did not rest, though, as its leaders clamored for the release of their friends from the enticing clutches of sintralin. New alliances were formed, with nations like Yoahtl and Vinland secretly joining the coalition. At the end of March, a group of these individuals began constructing a ringed attack bunker 1 kilometer west of Lexington's, affectionately named "Tinian" after the island used by the USA in the second world war to launch aircraft carrying the atomic bombs towards Japan. The skybridge technique utilized in the second assault on Anguish and the previous assault on Nox had been perfected, and was now ready for deployment.


During the night of April 6th, 2018, the Alliance began work on the bridge. A thoroughly-bastioned structure from Tinian all the way to the Lexington vault, it would provide an easy and safe method of transportation between the front and the coalition base. In the (American) morning, the attack began. Stiff resistance was met, but there was little the defenders could do against the bridge's inexorable crawl towards their vault. Averaging around 20 attackers from the nations of Falstadt, Mir, Commonwealth, Yoahtl, Impasse, Southshire, Vinland, Okashima, Gensokyo, and others, the defenders were ill-organised and too few to make a concerted defense. At roughly 7:25pm EST on April 7th, the defenders made a final push to repulse the skybridge. After taking no prisoners, all surviving defenders were thrown back into their skybunker. Nox leader Sintralin, on the account anarchofascist, was pearled at 7:30pm by WA member awoo.

Nox resistance crumbled at this point. The remaining defenders frantically burned any valuables they couldn't carry themselves, fleeing into the wilderness moments before the attackers leaped victorious onto the vault's skybunker. WA worked for hours to disable the Lexington vault bunkers and break the spike of the vault, freeing the prisoners contained within..


WA fighters posing on the top of the Lexington vault after all pearls had been freed

With the fall of the Lexington vault on the world border, Lexington was destroyed as a political entity, with the former Lexington territories are now being managed by The United Federal Republic of Falstadt to make sure the location is safe, neutral and to make a monument to act as a reminder to the brave soldiers, breakers, merchants and citizens that "fought to remove the blight of nox from the server".

Depiction of the fall of Lexington by Metriximor

A few of the former nox fighters managed to escape and are now wanted.

The victory of the Western Alliance was celebrated all throughout the server, since this victory marked the end of a long lasting war that had resulted in the unjust imprisonment of a large portion of the server population..

The vault and attack bunker are now part of the Somber war Museum, available for anyone to view and tour.

Freed players

  • MrLlamma
  • tankbuster44
  • Lazersmoke
  • Peter5930
  • S4NTA
  • TangentialThreat
  • SerQwaez
  • _theJKH_
  • BlackXnt
  • Xavter
  • xFier

Nox players pearled during the attack

  • sintralin
  • Augusta (MC/Vespasian)
  • Frenchfrys
  • Shopork
  • VitaCoco