The Wander Association

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The Wander Association

Mission Statement

The Wander Association (or simply Wander) was a nation and international organization on Civcraft 2.0. It gave independent, impartial assistance to those who were threatened by violence or griefing. The association provided assistance to those most in need. It reserved the right to speak out to bring attention to crises, challenge inadequacies, abuse of aid rendered, and to advocate for greater safety at home and while travelling.

Wander was apart of the economic and miltary alliance known as the United Provinces of the Plus Plus. The founders and remaining citizens would go on to found the nation of Whisper in the Volans on Civcraft 3.0.


Members of the Association sometimes witness violence and griefing in the course of their travels. They operate on independently of political, military, or religious agendas to evaluate a population's needs before rendering aid that aims to fill gaps that exist (as opposed to duplicating already existing services).

As an organization, the Wander Association is neutral and does not take sides in armed conflicts except in cases of griefing. It provides care on the basis of need alone in order to promote free and safe travel in Civcraft.

We take our inspiration from the real-world organization Médecins Sans Frontières.

Please contact directors Dareloren or RanusaValehart, or quartermaster Lord_Pericorp for more information.