Okx and Doom Weaver Raids

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Okx and Doom_Weaver Raids

Okx and Doom_weaver raiding Courron
Date24 February - 13 March 2023
CivReign (Worldwide)


Supported by:

Raided nations:


Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses

1 soldier and 2 horses killed

Courron 2 citizens killed
2 raiders and 2 horses killed

The Okx and Doom_Weaver Raids were a series of raids in the first 2 weeks of CivReign which resulted in the disbanding of at least four nations and the banning of Okx and Doom_Weaver due to the King of the Ashes rule.

The raids took place on the Western and Eastern Continents of the server.


Raids on Brewyern

At least 5 of their raids targeted Brewyern's temporary capital of Martiny, and they looted/broke factories resulting in the construction of the pyramid, which they robbed at least twice after it's construction.

Attack on Laurentia

Okx defeated by Laurentian forces.

At 7:38AM (EST) Saturday 12 March 2023, Laurentia was informed by a diplomat that Okx and Doom_Weaver were raiding Serena, the Laurentian capital. Okx was only recently unbanned, so this came as a surprise. However, the Laurentian forces quickly ran into action.

Nobleman Asgeir quickly rode over on a Laurentian horse, and found the two breaking doors and chests. Meemai spawned into Serena, and was killed, having to re-gear and re-approach. While waiting for reinforcements, he rode around the city on his horse and distracted them from the city's hidden valuables. Upon seeing Meemai and Drekamor approaching, Okx and Doom_Weaver began fleeing east, and the Laurentians pursued. They were pursued deep northeast into the mountains, where the battle took place.

The nation's fastest and highest jump horses were killed in pursuit of Okx and Doom_Weaver, however, Okx and Doom_Weaver both lost their horses as well. Doom_Weaver was killed by Drekamor. The trio planned for Meemai to kill and pearl Okx, however Asgeir killed Okx instead of letting Meemai pearl him out of fear that Okx would kill the nation's last good horse.

This action received criticism from Goibnou who accused Laurentia of supporting the raids.

Courron Raids

Norl forces assembled to support Courron against Okx and Doom_weaver.

At 12:50pm (EST) on Saturday 12 March 2023, Okx and Doom_Weaver attempted to raid Courron and killed Newfriend Staminal twice before being chased off by Oracaidum, Associate1, JamesMacC8 and KasiCrafter.

At 3:40am (EST) the following morning, Okx and Doom_Weaver again attempted to raid Courron. A force of Norls chased the pair away from the Courron bunker. Courron citizen Fitian was killed in the proceedings. The two raiders logged out in a tunnel they dug into Courron's bunker and were subsequently banned from the server for apparent violations of the server's "King of the Ashes" rule.

Relief efforts and aftermath

Archduke of Laurentia Zhirall travelled 19,000 blocks to provide supplies to Brewyern. Pictured with HikorutheGamer, leader of Brewyern.

During the raids, Laurentia donated snitches, bronze pickaxes, stone and iron to nations on the Western Continent, sold Copper at discounted rates and accepted payment later, let players use basic and defense factories free-of-charge and sold boats for no profit.

Three refugees from the collapsed nation of Vangar joined Courron following the raids.