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Activity levelLow (3/14/23)
Capital cityOkapir
National Colors
GovernmentCitizen Consensus
• Leader
Lokilog (de-facto)
Foundation dateFebruary 26th, 2023
Preceded byOdresh

Entura is a nation on the eastern continent of CivReign. Founded by Lokilog, HiddenShantu, Blackgold211, and GhostGhoulGG, Entura is considered the successor state to Odresh.


After the end of CivClassics in late 2021, Lokilog and HiddenShantu began looking forward to their next civ experiment. Instead of creating another iteration of Odresh, they decided to create a new entity, named after Odresh's old capital city. After reaching out to Blackgold, a friend and Odreshi citizen from CivRealms, and recruiting GhostGoul, Entura entered the CivReign beta with four citizens.


Entura's claims on the eastern continent.

CivReign Beta

Blackgold and Lokilog founded Entura on the Beta, creating a small unnamed settlement. They planned to flood the area where to settled to make an artificial lake, but went inactive before the project was completed.


A few days after the full Reign server went live, Lokilog began searching for a place to settle. Due to low activity, he aimed to find a small, secluded area, and build a little town. After searching the map for a few hours, he reached a long, narrow valley on the eastern continent, which opened up into the large lake in the center of the continent. Here, he made the first house, eventually becoming the city of Okapir with the addition of a watchtower, well, terrace farms, and granary.

Entura was hit hard by the Okx and Doom Weaver Raids. Valuables were protected by logging out with them, but Lokilog had the misfortune of logging in during a raid twice, losing two stacks of copper and some iron, which constituted almost all of the nation's wealth. Due to this repeated threat, Entura went inactive until the raiders' banning in early March 2023.

As Laurentia sits directly north of Entura, a small dirt path was constructed through the valley, from Okapir to the border.

Economy & Culture


Currently, Entura does not have a formal system of government or leader, and operates on group consensus. Lokilog is the de-facto leader as the only active player.


Entura's diplomatic connection with The Brigantines has resulted in the spreading influence its culture into Entura.


Entura mainly trades with Laurentia due to their proximity and economic power, usually selling essence or raw materials for manufactured goods.