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One Time Teleport, commonly shortened to OTT, is a plugin which allows new players to teleport to any other player once within the first 24 hours. OTT allows new players to join their first nation without having to worry about travel time.

OTT requires both the new player and the target player to approve of the teleportation. If you are new and wish to OTT to a nation, you will need a player from that nation to be online first.


First, the target player needs to invite the new player, with /ottinvite <new_player_name>.

A successful ottinvite of a player

Then, the new player should type /ott <target_player_name>. The new player will be teleported directly to the target player if successful.

Note that when a new player uses OTT, they lose all their items except those given to them automatically when they first join. This is to prevent alts from abusing OTT to raid or kill other players easily. In addition, no notifications are sent to either player about the OTT, so some other form of communication (such as /tell) is necessary.