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Old Senntisten
Flag of Senntisten
Render of Senntisten
Location-3600, -6100
Activity levelAbandoned (as of August 2014)
• King and founder
Foundation dateJune 2014
Succeeded byNew Senntisten

Senntisten (now referred to as Old Senntisten) was a kingdom situated in the -,- with Orion to the southwest, and Sandy Shores to the Northeast.

In August 2014, Senntisten relocated to the northern section of the map to establish the Senntisten Republic after conflicts with Orion during the Senntisten Independence Movement.

Old Senntisten can be classified as a post-Rivers End city due to a higher influence of defense present in the city. The inner housing plots are situated on a "half-bowl", with a 30 block tall outer wall. At the top of the inner wall, there were 3 roads leading to the outer wall (under construction). In the center of the town there was a stone slab recreation of the statue of liberty, that faced the port, and the open sea. Along the underside of the port were free shops, and piers to dock a boat.


There was no ruling government, as the people of Senntisten moved north to settle New Senntisten.


Trials in Senntisten were conducted in whichever means was best for the parties involved. The judge that presided over the trial was determined by what actions the trial was over (theft was administered by the Minister of Economics, etc)


Senntisten was located on a plains biome, with an ocean to the east, and mountains to the west. Due to expansion, a river ran through Senntisten Magna. There were Desert islands to south, a desert peninsula and island to the north, and another desert biome across the sea.



Interactions with other Countries


Fighting for Independence

Senntisten after a very large stint of population growth, grew distant from Orion. Many of the citizens not knowing of Orion, nor over the influence of said city. Factories were set up from the wealth of Senntisten citizens, and the city vault is privately owned by the King. The Key members of the city had met several times to discuss if Independence should occur, and the result was unanimous. A declaration was drafted, and published on the civcraft subreddit. Immediately after the declaration was published, an executive council member of Orion attempted to broker a new document allowing districts of Orion to have somewhat limited governance. The Senntisten leaders prompted him to the subreddit for further reading.

Quickly afterwards, Orionites and Allies from around the server showed up to Senntisten in patrolled the streets. During this time arguments between the leaders of Senntisten, and the council members of Orion occurred. A deal was finally brokered though, a very liberalized territory charter was drafted.

Later, the citizens and government of the town abandoned their home to move north, and settle the independent Senntisten Empire, and the town of New Senntisten.

Therealdragoonie Incident

Notable People

Seldomshock ( Last King, Head of House Shock)

Evocator ( Hand of the King )

coltguy97 ( minister of diplomacy )

Squid16219 ( minister of economics )

Killer_Koala258 ( minister of agriculture )