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Gabon Corporation
Logo of the Corporation, first drawn in May 2021
HeadquartersSalisbury, Gabon
Number of Locations6
Key PeopleFKA_twink (CEO)
Gobblin (COO)
BritishWanderer (CFO)
Number of Employees11
Preceded byGabonXP Co

Salisbury Holdings

Gabon & Westmore Co.
ServicesBuilding Design


ProductsXP & XP Materials

Beacons & Tools

Building Materials
Revenue3,654d (Q2 2020)
Operating Income3,142d (Q2 2020)
Net Income2,984d (Q2 2020)
Assets12,320d (Q2 2020)
Historical Data
Established in7th October 2020
Contact Data

The Gabon Corporation is a publicly traded Gabonese multinational conglomerate corporation operating in the fields of industry, consumer goods, agriculture and construction. The corporation produces over 24 products under several brands, including diamond tools, beacons, oak & birch logs, as well as a myriad of XP Materials and XP products. The Corporation is based in Salisbury, Gabon and is the first major shareholder-owned companies to be established on CivClassics.

Gabon Corporation made 6,121 diamonds in total sales for Q3 2021[1], and is one of largest corporations globally by total revenue. As of November 2021, the corporation had 15 employees and had operations in 7 separate countries.


One of the advertising leaflets for an XP materials exchange building set up by GabonXP Corporation in October 2020

FKA_Twink, Gobblin and BritishWanderer founded GabonXP Corporation in October of 2020 as a means to profit off of the ever-expanding XP market, they would go on to make their first sale on the 12th of October. The goal of the GabonXP Corporation was to produce affordable XP and ship it across the globe, this endeavour would be coupled with XP exchanges allowing individuals to trade in XP materials for emeralds and vice versa.

GabonXP Corporation would be opened to public investment on the 19th of December 2020[2] where any member of the public could purchase a share in the Corporation for just 4 diamonds per share, with the Corporation offering to pay shareholders a dividend every quarter.[3] The initial prospectus offering of a total 200 shares for 800 diamonds was reached within just 5 days/[4]

In October 2020, the Corporation would move into an official HQ building in Whitehaven, Salisbury in Gabon where they would operate out of, the location was chosen for its accessibility and quick access to the Corporation's agriculture facilities.

In the first quarter of operations (Q4 2020) the GabonXP Corporation smashed expectations set out by the Corporation's board and would be the Corporation's best quarter until Q3 2021.

Expansion and a timeline of the Corporation

October 2020

  • October 10th: The GabonXP Corporation claims a small swamp island for itself under the protection of the Free Republic of Gabon.[5] This land is used for the production of melons and mushrooms.
  • October 22nd: GabonXP publicly advertises the XP exchange in Salisbury, Gabon for the first time.[6]

November 2020

  • GabonXP opens an emerald <-> diamond exchange in Imperial Truidence, its first international store.
  • GabonXP Corporation hits 1000 diamonds in its inventory for the first time.[7]

December 2020

  • The Corporation opens its second emerald <-> diamond exchange in Icenia.
  • December 22nd: The GabonXP Corporation goes on to claim another larger portion of land with multiple biomes under the protection of the Free Republic of Gabon.[8]This land is used for the construction of substantial farms which are more practical and affordable than attempting to build on Gabon's mainland.
  • Christmas day: The board of the GabonXP Corporation states that it will be taking a break for the foreseeable future and thus the corporation will cease operations for that period of time. The board assures shareholders that dividend payments and earnings reports will go ahead as planned.

January 2021

  • GabonXP Co welcomes in the new year by releasing its first quarterly earnings report in which it smashes expectations set by the corporation and outsiders. [9]
  • January 6th: The GabonXP Corporation declares it had paid shareholders a dividend of 0.6 diamonds per share. [10]

May 2021

  • May 6th: The GabonXP Corporation releases their earning report for Q1 2021.[11]
  • May 24th: The board of the Corporation returns.
  • May 24th: CEO, FKA_Twink, tables a proposal to all shareholders that entails the renaming of the GabonXP Corporation to the Gabon Corporation. This proposal includes the acquisition and merger between GabonXP Corporation and two other Gabonese Companies, G&W and Salisbury Holdings.[12]
  • May 24th: A stock split of 1>2 is declared, pending shareholder approval. The stock split proposal, if approved, would increase the number of shares in circulation from 2000 to 4000.
  • May 25th: A majority of shareholders approve both prior proposals. GabonXP Corporation officially becomes a subsidiary of the Gabon Corporation alongside Salisbury Holdings and G&W. The stock split is approved and goes into affect immediately, doubling shareholder's held shares and increasing the number of shares in circulation to 4000.
  • May 29th: FKA_Twink suggests that the Gabon Corporation may receive its own website in future where shareholders may manage their stocks as well as place orders with the Corporation.
An image leaked from the Board of the Gabon Corporation displaying the productivity blueprint for Q2 2021[13]

June 2021

  • The Corporation begins to pivot away from solely selling XP and begins the mass production of XP materials for resale as well as diversifying into new industries such as construction and beacon production.
  • June 7th: The board of the Gabon Corporation publishes its meeting notes and declares its next dividend for Q2 2021. This board meeting discusses the past company acquisitions and future outlook of the Corporation. [14]
  • June 12th: BritishWanderer CFO tables a proposal to all shareholders regarding an overhaul of the share system, separating dividend and voting rights.[15] [16]
  • June 13th: A majority of shareholders approve the proposal laid out by BritishWanderer, CFO.
  • June 11th -> 18th: Over a course of a week, the Gabon Corporation more than doubles its public shareholders and their held shares.
  • June 17th: Gabon Corporation moves their headquarters into the centre of Salisbury, Gabon and establishes themselves across from their first XP exchange, centred around the Gabon station.
  • June 27th: Gabon Corporation opens its third international branch in Mount September and its first Corporation branch to stock more than just XP.

July 2021

  • July 2nd: The Gabon Corporation publishes its Q2 2021 earnings report.[17] This earnings report is the Corporation's strongest quarter yet, earning a total net income of 2,984 diamonds.
  • July 2nd: The Gabon Corporation declares a dividend of 0.32 diamonds per share, a 6.6% dividend increase in just one quarter.
  • July 20th: Gabon Corporation unveils a new branch in Icenia, selling XP, XP materials and beacons.
  • July 23rd: CEO FKA_Twink updates shareholders and increases the estimated earning forecast for the Gabon Corporation in Q3 2021. [18]

August 2021

  • August 5th: The Board of the Gabon Corporation appoints Tvman999 to the position of Chief Strategy Officer in a unanimous vote of Class A shares.[19]
  • August 25th: The Board of the Gabon Corporation appoints Flushy & Ahrimanne to Executive Management positions overseeing the subsidiary of GabonXP.
  • August 26th: The Icenian Branch of GabonXP is expanded and renovated; with the intention to set the groundwork for further expansion in surrounding nations.

September 2021

  • September 1st: The Board of Directors tables a fourth proposal to Class B shareholders regarding the exchange of 200 Class A shares into 200 Class B shares[20]
  • September 1st: Class B shareholders pass the fourth proposal with 57% of shareholders voting aye
  • September 8th: The Gabon Corporation sells it's final owned share and as such the Corporation is now fully in public/institutional hands.
  • September 8th: The Corporation created a formalised announcement channel and trading-floor in which shareholders can trade shares back and forth for diamonds.
  • September 13th: The Corporation announces it is raising it's XP price by 33%.[21]

October 2021

  • October 5th: The Corporation publishes its Q3 Earnings report and smashes set expectations, with net income increasing 215% quarter on quarter. [22]
  • October 5th: The Gabon Corporation declares a dividend pay-out of 1400 diamonds, its largest yet at a rate of 0.35d per share.
  • October 19th: The Corporation opens a branch of GabonXP in Cortesia Del Mar, its first branch in the +,+ quadrant.

November 2021

  • November 11th: The Corporation opens a new branch of GabonXP in Lusitania, its third branch in the -,- quadrant.

The Internal Business of the Gabon Corporation

Shareholdings of the Gabon Corporation & Voting Process

The Gabon Corporation is a public, joint-stock company. As of November 10th, 2021, it has 4000 outstanding shares, known as 'Class B Shares'. These are entirely held by the general public, institutions and governments.

The most common method for individuals wishing to purchase class B shares in Gabon Corporation is to buy shares from other investors. As of September 8th, the Gabon Corporation no longer holds any class B shares to sell and as such all shares must be purchased from other current shareholders - barring any future share creation or dilution.

As of November 2021, a share is market valued at 3.65d per share.

Class B Shares

Class B shares are the only purchasable shares by outside investors and the only share class to have a dividend. Class B shareholders possess the ability to vote on company proposals, receive both dividends and a shareholder discounts on company products.

Initially there were only 2000 class B shares available to purchase in the Gabon Corporation, however this was doubled with a stock split of 1>2 in May 2021, expanding the pool of class B shares to 4000.

Share Breakdown

The breakdown of the Class B shareholdings as of November 2021 is:

  • 100% (4000) Gabon Corporation Class B Shares
    • 67.85% (2714) General Public
    • 29.15% (1166) Governments
      • 16.15% (646) Gabon Government
      • 12.50% (500) Yoathl Government
      • 00.50% (20) Lusitan Government
    • 3.00% (120) Institutional Shareholders
      • 3.00% (120) Augustan Development Bank
The Corporate Structure of the Gabon Corporation as of November 2021

The Gabon Corporation may use any of their held class B shares to reward employees or to bestow dividends on board members, although the voting rights of these shares is not able to be wielded by the Corporation on any proposals.

Class A Shares

Class A shares is the name given to voting slips designated solely to Gabon Corporation employees, these shares hold no rights to dividends or any intrinsic market value as they may not be sold by employees to the public. There may be an infinite amount of class A shares as they do not affect the Corporation's valuation or the share dilution of the other shareholders, and are only used as voting rights by the board of directors, executive management and employees.

Employees may trade in their held class A shares to class B shares at a ratio of 1:1 pending a majority vote of approval by class B shareholders. Investors may see this as a way to approve or disapprove of an employee by choosing whether or not to reward employees with valuable dividend-paying class B shares. Shares exchanged will come from the Corporation's pot of purchasable class B shares as to not affect dilution.

As of November 10th 2021, there are 4000 class A shares.

Share Breakdown

The breakdown of the Class A shareholdings as of November 2021 is:

  • 100% (4000) Gabon Corporation Class A Shares
    • 68.75% (2750) Board of Directors for the Gabon Corporation
      • 37.5% (1500) FKA_Twink (Executive Director and CEO)
      • 18.75% (750) BritishWanderer (Senior Vice President and CFO)
      • 12.5% (500) Gobblin (Company President and COO)
    • 25.00% (1000) Executive Management
      • 12.50% (500) Ahrimanne (Chief Subsidiary Executive - GabonXP)
      • 5.00% (200) Flushy (Executive Management - GabonXP)
      • 5.00% (200) Animeme_master (Executive Management - GabonXP)
      • 2.50% (100) Tvman999 (CSO)
    • 6.25% (250) Employee Class A Share Fund

Whilst usually boards of directors would have external individuals, the entire board is made up of internal employees or founders, even into the subsidiaries of Gabon Corp.

Share rights

Share Type Voting







Able to

be sold


Class A Share YES NO NO NO

Voting Process

Whilst both share classes possess voting rights, the Gabon Corporation intends to pride itself on being transparent and held responsible by its investors, and as such class B shares hold more importance in terms of voting power. For proposals that require the consultation and approval of Class B shareholders, a class A share vote shall be held internally prior.

All votes require a majority (51%) of held shares in that specific class in order to successfully pass - for the purposes of voting, corporation held class B shares do not count towards the necessary majority. Any proposal approval process held within the confines of a corporation discord channel or a signed letter by shareholders shall be valid for the cause of a vote.

Holders of class A shares, such of that as the Board of Directors and other employees may vote on proposals without the need for class B shareholder approval, such as but not limited to;

  • Appointing an individual to the Board of Directors of the Gabon Corporation.
  • Appointing an individual to Executive Management of the Gabon Corporation or its subsidiaries.
  • Modifying the quarterly dividend paid to class B shareholders.
  • Creating more class A shares.

Holders of class B shares, such of that of public investors, rewarded employees and institutional shareholders, shall be consulted on for their approval for certain proposals such as;

  • Exchange of class A shares to class B shares.
  • Liquidation of class A shares into diamonds.
  • Creation of more class B shares.
  • Acquisition of business whether it be via shares or monetary purchase.
  • Any changes to the share system of class B shares.

Holders of class B shares may also, without consulting class A shares, cause for a vote on certain proposals such as;

  • Removal of an individual from the Board of Directors of the Gabon Corporation.
  • Removal of an individual from Executive Management of the Gabon Corporation or its subsidiaries.
Previous Shareholder Proposals
# Proposal Class A Share

Approval %

Class B Share

Approval %



1 Create the Gabon Corporation

& Acquire G&W and Salisbury Holdings[12]

78% 63% Yes
2 Stock split at 1>2 [12] 78% 63% Yes
3 Restructure the share system[16] 56.25% 84% Yes
4 Exchanging of 200 Class A shares into

200 Class B shares.[20]

68.75% 57% Yes


The Gabon Corporation is the parent company of three separate businesses, GabonXP, Salisbury Holdings and G&W Co. The Corporation operates on a collective budget wherein all profits from subsidiaries are sent back to the parent corporation which then divvies up the collective sum as next quarter's budget for each subsidiary. The budgeting for the entire Corporation is handled by the Financial Unit of the Gabon Corporation, headed up by the CFO.


Originally founded back in October 2020 as the predecessor to Gabon Corporation, GabonXP handles all of the internal emerald production and the crop producing facilities for the Gabon Corporation. It is responsible for the maintenance and day to day workings of fifteen farming facilities and properties as well as the security and storage of goods & emeralds. As of Q2 2021, GabonXP is the most profitable subsidiary in the Corporation's portfolio, operating on a budget of just 200d yet accounting for 37.5% of total revenue (excluding share sales).

Patented system by the Gabon Corporation regarding employees in a cage for dandelion production. [by Ahrimanne]

GabonXP makes a majority of its revenue from XP sales as well as shop branches in other countries. GabonXP is also the management for the GabonXP Exchange in Salisbury.

Relevant Individuals for GabonXP

As of Q2 2021, the following individuals play a role in the management of GabonXP

  • BritishWanderer,
  • Tvman999
  • Flushy
  • Ahrimanne

Salisbury Holdings

Founded in March 2021, Salisbury Holdings is the management company for all commercial and residential properties under the umbrella of the Gabon Corporation. Salisbury Holdings manages 4 commercial properties and 15 other properties across 7 different nations on behalf of the Gabon Corporation and is responsible for the construction, design and maintenance of properties under their purview. As of Q2 2021, Salisbury Holdings has a budget of 300d, and accounts for 16.1% of total revenue (excluding share sales) of the Gabon Corporation.

Salisbury Holdings makes a vast majority of its revenue off of rent payments from private individuals and government institutions as well as the sale/construction of schematics globally.

Relevant Individuals for Salisbury Holdings

As of Q2 2021, the following individuals play a role in the management of Salisbury Holdings

  • Gobblin
  • FKA_Twink

G&W Company

Founded in 2019, Gabon & Westmore Company or sometimes known as Gobblin & Wanderer, was a retail venture established by Gobblin and BritishWanderer to sell diamond tools and prot as well as bulk building materials at low prices, mainly to newfriends or to emerging countries. It currently sits in three commercial properties which are under the management of Salisbury Holdings. As of Q2 2021, G&W is undergoing corporate restructuring yet is still in the business of selling beacons, building materials and providing delivery services. In Q2 2021, G&W had a budget of 300d and was responsible for 43% of total revenue for the (excluding share sales) Gabon Corporation.

Relevant Individuals for G&W

As of Q2 2021, the following individuals play a role in the management of G&W

  • BritishWanderer
  • Gobblin



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