The Brigantines

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The Brigantines
The Brigantine Clans
LocationSoutheast of the Western Continent
Capital cityBrigantia
SettlementsPhoevia, Mound Hermit
GovernmentTheocratic/Council of Elders
Governing documentThe Provisions of the Elder Council
Preceded byProto-Brigantines
ReligionBrigantine, Febism

The Brigantines are an ethnic and religious group located on the western continent of CivReign.

It is better to think of the Brigantines as a civilisation rather than a single nation. The many Brigantine clans feud with one another and have independence in all matters. The only rules adhered to are respect for the High Priest, the Priesthood, and the capital city - the holy site of Brigantia as neutral territory. There is an organisational body above the clans, although to refer to this as a government would be incorrect. The Elder Council, led by the High Priest oversees matters affecting all Brigantines. It rarely will pass legislation and is mostly a body made of the major clans on which to discuss issues. For this reason the Brigantine clans may have widely differing internal politics and power. One of the other main responsibilities of the Elder Council is the management of the capital city.


The Brigantines are descended from an ancient group of semi-nomadic sheepherders who inhabited the fertile plains. Brigantia, a local goddess came to the Brigantines and showed them how to survive. The Brigantines thus founded themselves as a new tribe taking on the name of their patron goddess and formed a pact with her. This pact referred to as the Watcher's pact. It is the rules by which the Brigantines live. In exchange for following this pact, Brigantia offers her protection to the Brigantines and their flocks. Brigantia is said to have sank into the lake after given her pact, upon this happening a mound is said to have risen out of the ground and holy spring water to have come forth.

This spring serves as one of the holiest sites of the Brigantines and on this mound the Holy City of Brigantia was founded. this lead to the development of the priesthood who watched over the island. As this island became a central meeting point for the Brigantines for religious festivals it also became an important site for trade and diplomacy between clans. Consequently the clans formed the elder council to manage disputes and issues affecting all Brigantines headed by the neutral High Priest.

Present Day

The construction of Brigantia is under way. The elder council is also attempting to write down and store the oral traditions of the Brigantines.

The Watcher's Pact

From the great grasses I come and you I will save. My dominion stretches through the peaks, valleys and crevasses of these great monuments of nature. I am the soil beneath your feet,  I am the grasses who feed your flock, I am the mother who welcomes you home, I am the shepherd of all creatures, I am Brigantia.

In me is your protector, guide and teacher. Onto you, I can bestow my gifts. Take me and my words into your hearts and souls. Follow my word and there will be no hunger or thirst, in good health you shall all live. I beseech you all to sign my pact.

1) When consuming the flesh of a sheep, return them to me by burying their hearts in the land on which they have grazed.

2) Welcome those stranded on their migrations into your home, offer them food and shelter.

3) Pass down yours and mine learnings to those who come after, never try to conceal knowledge.

4) When the first lamb of your flock comes , offer it to me and I shall ensure the coming spring will lead to a bountiful summer which at the end shall result in great harvests.

5) Never impede the migration of another shepard and their flock.

Take up this pact with me by declaring ‘Through my mouth, mind and heart I declare my allegiance to the great watcher. May she watch over me, protect me and deliver me to prosperity. I shall devote myself to Brigantia. She will be my shepherd and I will be a member of her flock'

This speech was handed down by oral tradition and was given by Brigantia to the ancestors of the Brigantines before the construction of the holy city Brigantia in the place from which Brigantia emerged from the earth. Traditionally a Brigantine child will take the oath as soon as they can speak. This text was put into written form by the first elder council.