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Core Mechanics


Protect your claims from grief.

Vault Bastions will create a field above and around them where others cannot place blocks, while City Bastions prevent players from reinforcing or fortifying blocks. This provides a powerful anti-grief tool to keep your city clean.

Bastions are a reinforced lored sponge block/bone block (made in a Bastion factory (see: FactoryMod)) and provide griefing protection as well as block pearls (vault bastions/sponges only). They block pearls only when they land and only damage the first bastion they pass through. They are squares with a side length of 21 (vault bastion) or 101 (city bastion).


Main article: Brewery Guide

Brewery Megathread

(SPOILER) Bananagod8D's discovered brews



Protect your blocks

Citadel allows you to reinforce your blocks with common items such as stone, iron, and diamond. Reinforced blocks must be broken multiple times, making it harder for people to destroy your stuff. Block that open such as doors and chests will also be locked.

Citadel on CivClassic is very simple. There are stone, iron, and diamond reinforcements (although more may be added in the future). Stone reinforces for 50, iron for 300, and diamond for 2000 with acid times of 20 minutes, 6 hours, and 24 hours respectively. Maturation times are 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 4 hours respectively



When you log out without using the /logout command, you leave behind your player avatar for one minute, which will be vulnerable to PvP, mobs, and other environmental dangers.

The /logout command cannot be used while you are in combat with another player, to prevent an easy escape during a fight.


Kill other players while holding an ender pearl to banish them from the location their pearl is stored at. Stored pearls require Mana. Be warned that allies of pearled players may hunt you down...


Efficient production

Factories lets you craft items more efficiently after a slight startup cost. This allows for a more extended tech tree than vanilla Minecraft and allows you to have lasting infrastructure.

FactoryMod enables more efficient production of materials with a higher initial cost. Factories are created by placing a furnace, crafting bench, and chest together in that order. Place the required materials in the chest and hit the crafting bench with a stick to create your factory! There are a lot of factories and recipes so please refer to the website or github for the full list of factories and recipes





shop chests



Monitor your claims

Snitches will send you messages when other players enter their field so you can know where people are. JukeBox snitches will additionally log things like block breaks so you can know who to blame when someone griefs you.

Jukebox and Noteblock snitches are available in their default configuration with a two week inactive cull on noteblocks and four weeks for jukeboxes



You get Mana every day for logging in regularly. This is used to maintain an Exile Pearl and is very valuable to some players. Selling your Mana can be a good way to get some starting resources. (outdated - essence is used in place of mana)



Group management

NameLayer lets you create groups to manage who can access your citadel reinforced blocks and place in your bastion fields. You can also message people in groups together. player groups for chat, reinforcements, snitches etc.



All crops have their growth nerfed from vanilla and most are persistent (grow in a fixed amount of time instead of randomly like vanilla). Only melons, pumpkins, cactus, and sugar grow non-persistently. The configuration for RealisticBiomes is not publicly available, you'll have to find the best biomes to grow what you want to (but most are pretty intuitive)

player made biome growth sheet

Changes from Vanilla

Arthropod Egg

This mod gives a small chance for weapons enchanted with "Bane of Arthropods" to add a spawn egg to a monster's loot pool. The spawn egg is the same type as the monster killed.

Type /arthropodegg to get a list of options. Must be operator to perform.

Default Parameters are as follows: 3% drop rate per level of "Bane of Arthropods" on a weapon. 2% drop rate per level of "Looting" on a weapon. Does not function without also having "Bane of Arthropods" Works on all passive mobs except golems. (snow and iron). Will remove the loot pool from creatures that are turned into eggs.


Redstone contraption chunk limits:

  • 12 comparators
  • 16 dispensers
  • 16 droppers
  • 40 furnaces
  • 16 hoppers
  • 8 pistons
  • 8 slime blocks
  • 8 stickies


limits global chat range to 1000 blocks and changes the chat formatting


Limits the number of mobs/animals in a chunk.


Ore balance and anti-xray

Ores aren't pre-generated in the world, but spawn as you mine. You may be familiar with this plugin but it's been modified to simulate vanilla mining. It also now includes vein functionality. Diamond ores will spawn in large clusters rather than randomly scattered everywhere.

HiddenOre is a plugin that generates ore randomly as you mine. Most ores will generate regardless of the tool you're using but you still need the proper tool to mine them. Diamonds generate in veins based on random perlin noise.


Limits the number of mobs/animals in a chunk.


Reverted to 1.7

There are a few important changes to enchanting on CivClassic. Experience is made through factories. The actual enchanting of items wont require lapis, but it will take the full amount of experience. Items will be repairable forever but will be expensive to repair in the long run, capping out at 39 levels with no reset.

Experience is not dropped by any vanilla means. Experience bottles can be created using special factories called cauldrons using mostly various crops.

Enchanting is done through tables and while it doesn't require lapis anymore, it will take the full level amount just like in 1.7

Your tools will never become irreparable but will cap at 39 levels to repair and stay there forever.


turns certain blocks into stone to prevent xray

TODO details on distance vs. fully surrounded

PVP Tweaks

Make combat balanced again

Ender pearls have a cooldown, health potions heal for more, and strength is reverted. Axes have reverted damage and click speed is increased from vanilla.

Splash potions have a reverted duration of 75% of their drinkable counterparts

Splash health potions give back double the normal amount of health

Click speed has been increased to 8.5 CPS

Protection armor is buffed to be more tanky


Spawn in random locations {source, config}

New players will spawn in a random city spawn point that has a player within 700 blocks (view the list here). If no city spawn point has a player within 700 blocks, new players will spawn in the same manner as existing players. Existing players (who have not set their spawn-point with a bed) will respawn in a random location in within a 7000 block radius circle around 0,0. Newly spawned alts are counted as existing players.

Players will always spawn on the highest block available[citation needed]. Certain blocks, such as water, obsidian, and carpet, are blacklisted and players will not spawn on them.


  • It can be useful to die multiple times in order to randomspawn closer to a destination. There is no penalty to randomspawning.


  • Ender chests are disabled but placeable
  • Pearls are on a 10s cooldown
  • Obsidian generators are enabled


circular world border with a radius of 13k

Administrative Plugins


Player / IP / CIDR / VPN / Shared connection banning with a vengeance



Adds text to the top/bottom of the player list ("tab list").


Get items back from admins if you lost them due to a glitch or hacker.


Use /helpop, /ask, or /ho to ask a question to the moderators.


Two factor authentication

Use the command /secure to generate a unique IP address. Your account will then only be able to connect from that IP. This lets your account be more secure in case someone manages to steal your account info.