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Mechanics that change terrain and how players can interact with terrain.


The player-made interactive map, CCMap shows the terrain as well as marked settlements

World generation

  • The world is 13000 blocks in radius. Traveling beyond this radius is blocked by an invisible and circular world border. Any attempt to travel beyond will result in being teleported back into the radius at a seemingly unpredictable y-level. If a player tries to cross the world border in a vehicle they will automatically exit the vehicle. Blocks may be placed outside of the world border yet any pearls stored outside the world border will be freed upon server restart.
  • Several non-vanilla biomes have been added[specify]. Many of these biomes have altitudes above y128 and sheer cliff faces. Biomes can also contain custom trees which are larger then vanilla. Blaze spawners can be found scattered around many biomes.
    • Large caverns with flat dirt floors generate under many snow biomes.
  • It is not possible to reach the Nether. However Nether biomes containing Nether materials and creatures can be found in oceans throughout the map. Though Nether fortresses will spawn in nether biomes, wither spawning is not restricted to nether fortresses. Water placement allowed in nether biomes.

The End dimension

  • There are only three End portals[specify]. A public End portal can be found at 2300, 450
  • The End world generation is also custom. Cobwebs and Lava can randomly spawn at the lower levels of the End[specify].

Humbug tweaks

Humbug changes vanilla functionality in many areas.


  • Disables:
    • trading with villagers
    • Endermen stealing blocks
    • iron ingots from being dropped by mobs
    • Wither explosions destroying blocks and Wither insta-break ability
  • Sets Wither skull droprate to .4%[citation needed]
  • Sets base movement speed of mounted horses to 0.3 (from .17 in vanilla)
  • Doubles Creeper drops

Blocks, entities and items

  • Disables:
    • opening Ender chests
    • all vanilla XP sources (including mob drops, smelting and fishing) but XP bottles
    • enchanting books via enchantment table
    • use of elytra
    • teleportation with chorus fruit
    • inventory minecarts (including chest carts and furnace carts) from being opened. They can still be loaded via hopper.
    • players in vehicles from opening inventories
  • End portal tiles are indestructible
  • Boats placed on land will break upon being used
  • Allows equipping a banner as a hat
  • Sanitize sign length to 100 text row length[awkward]
  • Water and lava above y 180 has limited propagation
  • Death and join announcements disabled


Spawn in random locations {source, config}

New players will spawn in a random city spawn point that has a player within 700 blocks.[1]. If no city spawn point has a player within 700 blocks, new players will spawn in the same manner as existing players. Existing players (who have not set their spawn-point with a bed) will respawn in a random location in within a 7000 block radius circle around 0,0. Newly spawned Alts are counted as existing players.

Players will always spawn on the highest block available[citation needed]. Certain blocks, such as water, obsidian, and carpet, are blacklisted and players will not spawn on them.


  • It can be useful to die multiple times in order to randomspawn closer to a destination. There is no penalty to randomspawning.


Chat is range restricted to be local. Messages are only seen within a 1000 block radius from the sending player (plus an additional block in range for each each block above y=100). This range restriction can be bypassed by using chat groups or direct messages.


{source, config}

CivChat2 allows the creation of chat groups. Chat groups are managed with Namelayer which includes functionality for inviting and removing players from groups.

The first line is output caused by typing /g Circleblob. The second and third line display a message that was types as-is. The fourth line, in yellow, is the output of typing /g. The fifth line was typed as-is.
Command Alias Function
/g <group> [message] /groupchat /gchat /gc Changes chat group to specified group. If [message] is included it is sent to specified group.
/tell <player> [message] /message /msg /m /pm Changes chat to private message with specified player. If [message] is included it is sent to specified player.
/tell /message /msg /m /pm /e Leaves active private message
/exit /e /g Send any further chat messages to local chat (within ~1000 blocks), leaving any active group chats.
/reply [message] /r Changes chat to private message with last player that has messaged you. If [message] is included it is sent to specified player. Use with caution, as another player may message you just before you send the command.
/ignore or /i /i Toggle ignoring a player
/ignoregroup <group> /ig /igroup /ignoreg Toggle ignoring a group
/ignorelist List of ignored groups and players
/afk Toggle. Prevents receiving direct messages.

If you are trying to ignore a group's snitches, the use the command /jamute [group]



Players who donate $10 or more to the CivClassic Patreon have ability to change the color their name displays in chat and tab menu using the command /namecolor. For $25 the color can be set as rainbow. [2]. Note not to confuse the grey colored names with the greyed out spectator names, which unlike namecolor can only be used by superfriends or admins. Note that as of August 2020, the namecolor feature is currently broken.


{source, config}

Looking underground with Orebfuscator. The world is not modified, only the data sent to clients

Orebfuscator (from ore obfuscator) prevents using X-ray to see blocks a normal player cannot. First, it hides useful blocks as stone when outside an eight block proximity[citation needed]. Second, it causes random blocks to render underground.

  • Hidden blocks that render as stone when viewed from a distance include:
    • chest, ender_chest, trapped_chest and clay, in addition to all types of ores and shulker boxes.
  • Random blocks that render underground in order to obfuscate include:
    • cave_air, cobblestone, mossy_cobblestone, obsidian, stone, TNT, clay and all types of ores

Due to lag, even nearby blocks can sometimes appear as obfuscated. However, Orebfuscator only modifies what the client sees and thus the obfuscated blocks are not actually changed.


  • Because of the range of the Orebfuscator, it is advisable to dropchest at least 8 blocks below the ground.

Block limits

Limits the amount of lag causing blocks {source, config}

Some blocks are limited on a per chunk basis to reduce lag. Trying to place beyond the limit is not possible.

Limit per chunk[3]
Block Limit per chunk