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Interact with CivClassic through discord {source}


Kira is a plugin that lets the player create relays on discord. These relays can display snitch hits, chat messages and player login/logout.

The commands can be issued in any Discord channel that Kira can read (e.g., !kira help), or sent via direct message (without the prefix, e.g., just help).


Authentication is required before using Kira. This will link the discord account to the IG account.

In order to do that `/discordauth` must be performed on the server. This will create a token. The token must be then transmitted to Kira through discord in order to perform the authentication using `auth [token]`.

In Game commands

  • /deletediscordchannel
  • /discordauth - Creates auth code
  • /linkdiscordchannel
  • /syncdiscordchannel

Discord commands

Kira commands[1]
Command Description Example
!kira help Shows help
!kira apitoken <SNITCH|CHAT|SKYNET> Generates a token for use with Kiras API
!auth [code] Allows linking your discord account to an ingame account. Run '/discordauth' ingame to get a code.
!kira getchannels Shows all relays owned by you
!kira createrelayconfig [name] Creates a new relay configuration
!kira createrelayhere [group] Attempts to create a relay in the channel this message was sent in for the group it was sent by
!kira setrelayconfig [group] [relay] Sets which configuration to use for a specific relay
!kira info Prints basic info on the bot
!kira mc [command] / !kira ingame [command] Allows you to run ingame commands from discord !kira mc nlip CW-1 Falvyu (adds player Falvyu to CW-1 name layer)
!kira invite Allows you to add Kira to other discords
!kira quote Gives life advice
!kira relayconfig [name] Configures properties of a relay config
!kira setrelayconfig [group] [relay] Sets which configuration to use for a specific relay
!kira whoami Shows your linked accounts



Much communication and organization takes place on Discord. It is recommended to join Discord servers if one wishes to keep up with current events.

Civ servers have developed extensive Jargon.


  • /gamma - apply a permanent night vision effect
  • /present - (opens present) [Donum]
  • /helpop - sends message for help [Official discord recommended for fastest help response time]
  • /tps - display server ticks per second during the last few minutes
  • /cardinal -rotate player to cardinal direction + diagonal. Optional argument to N/S/E/W or up/down [Finale]

Right clicking on a redstone lamp with a stick will toggle it on/off. [2] [3]