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The Independent State of Fellowship
Location6151, -2868
Activity level~60 population at the end of Civcraft 2.0
Capital cityFellowship
• Sovereign
• Representative
• Founders
Foundation dateFebruary 2013 (Civcraft 1.0) / May 2013 (Civcraft 2.0)

Fellowship was a group in Civcraft 1.0 and 2.0 based on the ideals of friendship, fellowship, and friendliness. Fellowship in Civcraft 2.0 was a settlement on Civcraft 2.0 in the (+,-) quadrant, founded in late May 2013 by UnknownOreo1996/Aurailious, BluWolf_, Ryumast3r, and several others.

Fellowship considers itself friends with its neighbors and has joined many of them in the North Eastern Alliance.

The Hexagon, important trade hub of Civcraft 2.0

Fellowship is defined by its iconic Hexagon structure, one of the World Wonders of Civcraft 2.0.[1] The Hexagon is a massive superstructure dug within Fellowship's central mountains and is the city's main trading hub and residential center. It contains several layers, each getting larger as one ascends in the Hexagon, with the exception of uptown - the very top of the Hexagon - which is reserved for new residents and players who cannot afford larger housing lots.

Amenities and Rights

  • A diverse collection of factories available to all citizens
  • Free plots available in the Uptown neighborhood of the Hexagon
  • Larger plots available for purchase in the Downtown and Midtown neighborhoods (these come with a 2d/month rent requirement for factory upkeep and reinforcements)
  • A major rail hub for the (+,-) region
  • Minutes away from Aurora, Bryn, Remnant, Brimstone, Centauri, and New Leningrad by rail
  • Largest city in the NEA

Residents' houses vary in size and location from grand sky-scrapers and castles in the forest, to huts on the beach, to log cabins on the top of some of the world's highest mountains.

Fellowship has many roads and accessways including stairs and ladders to reach the top of the mountains, canals and highways to travel long distances, and bridges, roads, and underwater passages to travel across the town and into other districts.

Laws and Government

Fellowship’s government is headed by two Diarchs. The Soverign Diarch is a permanent position, while the Representative Diarch is elected monthly.

Under the Diarchs are the Ministers of Infrastructure, Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Economics. These Ministers are permanent appointed positions who handle the administration of their respective areas of expertise.

Fellowship has three categories of residency. Foreign Nationals do business in Fellowship or reside there only part-time. Usually, new residents of Fellowship start out as Citizens. Citizens are full-time residents of Fellowship. After being trustworthy and productive members of the city for three weeks, Citizens may apply to become Fellows. Fellows are the established members of Fellowship who are eligible to become Ministers of Diarchs if one of those positions becomes available and can propose Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation (Fellowship's constitution). They collectively compose the National Assembly, which votes to approve Amendments and admit new Fellows. A unanimous vote of the National Assembly is required to admit a Citizen as a Fellow, though 'Nay' votes are only counted if the voter can provide a concrete reason for their objection.

Foreign Policy

When founded, Fellowship was a part of the True Neutral League (TNL), and even though that organization has since disbanded, still considers its neighbors friends and trade partners. To that end, the (+,-) has reunited in the TNL's sucessor, the [North Eastern Alliance].

Fellowship takes a stance of military non-intervention towards other nations and groups, except where Fellowship or another member of the NEA comes under attack.


During Fellowship's first hayday there were often six or more players online, and over ten depending on the time of day. It was like a city, but spread out over and below the mountains. The population consisted of teenagers and young adults and its average age was lower than other cities. Nonetheless, good will towards travelers and residents was, and still is encouraged. Hard work at digging the Hexagon was also liked among them.

After the fall of Fellowship, the population severely decreased. There were only 3 official residents: Aurailious, Gerbil_9, and M4TTR. Gerbil_9 worked hard at digging out the hexagon and restoring farms, and Aurailious continued to labor on restoring the Estate District among other things.

Since this dip, Fellowship has boomed in population, becoming the most active city in its quadrant, and one of the most active cities on Civcraft. The Hexagon was declared 'complete' on January 19, 2014. More recently, the summer of 2014 has brought a new wave of new citizens, many of whom became active members of the town and its government. An additional influx of players came with the arrival of an Israeli group led by streamer OLivay. Around 60 people currently call Fellowship their home.

City Description

Fellowship consists of multiple Districts, each with their own District Developer in charge of local operations.

The Hexagon sits at the center of Fellowship and is where most of the population is concentrated.

Just south of the Hexagon is the Residential District. This area is home to additional housing and other free-standing builds. Plots here are free.

The Central/Fort District was the center of Fellowship in its early days.

The South Bay District is Fellowship's scenic waterfront. It is home to the old library building.

The Farming/Agricultural District is a large area to the west of the city containing most of the public farms, and also includes additional housing.

Fellowcamp is an outlying settlement that is largely disused.

North of the Hexagon is North Lake Keep. It serves as a gateway to Fellowship for overland travellers from the north.

On the plains east of Fellowship is the District of Lightbarrow. It is the site of Lightbarrow Cooperative, one of Fellowship's longest-running businesses. It produces organic XP that is sold to both Fellowship residents in the Hexagon and the server as a whole. It is also the future site of the Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Library.