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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Main ResidenceNone
Civ Servers
First Civ ServerCivRealms 2.0
Iterations played on

ChickenWingGeek is an inconsequential newfriend. He logged in sometime in 2020 to join MTS and chill, but began playing actively in March 2021.

Starting Days

ChickenWingGeek first logged into CivClassics around 10/24/2020. He immediately walked to Mount September, the server being sorta dead and him being familiar with MTA from previous iterations, and achieved citizenship. He tried to go diamond mining but this was in the early days of 1.16, where chunk loading and ore obfuscator were partially broken from low TPS. He occasionally logged in MTS in this period out of boredom, most notably participating in the December Revolt in which he present at TheOrangeWizard's pearling and later baited TheOrangeWizard into chasing him around the city while naked multiple times until being pearled (also multiple times).


He then decided to play Classics in March 2020, attaining citizenship in Kallos first. He then took a rail to Icenia, passing through Nexus for the first time. While waiting for Icenian official and personal friend JuniorTide to meet in Icenia, he created a small phallic shaped structure out of ~20 unreinforced cobble in Icenian Grand Central, to which ChrisChrispie unsuccessfully ordered JuniorTide to pearl him for upon hearing about it in VC. ChickenWingGeek was quickly settled into the YelloFishy Memorial Apartments in Icenia, at which point he achieved residency in Icenia and pathway to citizenship in a week.