War on Bees

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War on Bees
Part of Party Wars
DateNovember 8th - November 17th 2021
Across the server, but mainly in the +,+ and +,-
Result Bees win by default due to Partyland dissolving.
Partyland territory dissolved

Tomfoolery Pact


 City of England



Isle of DOOM!

Coalition of Bees

 New Thoria

Every bee on the server (voluntary)
8 people Hundreds, if not, thousands of bees
Casualties and losses
1 dead 36 dead

The War on Bees was a half month long conflict between the Tomfoolery Pact and the in-game mobs known as bees (also known as the Coalition of Bees). The war was declared on November 8th when LIQUID STEREO was pushed off a cliff by one and lost all of his stuff. This wasn't an isolated incident either, as a bee had taken his boat and stung him months earlier, but this incident brought him to his breaking point. This conflict was the last meme war that Partyland would wage before it's dissolution later that month.