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The Neustrian Consulate
Flag of Neustria
Location+1800, +8200
Activity levelabout 10 active (in November 2015)
Capital cityRobespierre
GovernmentAbsolute consulate with monthly election
• Consuls
Marxyz, Panzala
Foundation dateAugust 2015

Neustrian Consulate

Neustrian Consulate, more known as Neustria is a little french themed state south-east of Volkstadt, in the +, +. It has been founded by Marxyz, a citizen of /pol/ynesia. He founded Neustria with French friend during August 2015. It was at the beginning just a little settlement and it started to grow slowly from the beginning. It is, for October 2015, populated of about 10 active players. Its main and only city is Robespierre (inspired of the name of the famous french revolutionary). Since the beginning, Neustria has very close ties with /pol/ynesia, the old nation of its founder.


Neustria is an absolute consulate (that's mean consuls have all right, there is no constitution) with monthly elections. All active citizens can vote and all citizens are candidate. Each citizen can vote for 2 people they think will lead Neustria properly.


At the beginning, Neustria was a small settlement, originally made of two people; Marxyz and Panzala. The land had already hosted one city ; GravelTown (On which the "Château de Gravelle"(Castle of Gravelle) will be built). After two weeks, the city -now called Robespierre- started to have some other citizens. It continually grows since then. After the dissolution of Spainland (during last days of October 2015), Neustria had been given the whole "Las Colonias" (the colonies) region. Some days later (the known day in Neustria is 2nd of November), the Chanada was dissolved. A referendum was held, the consuls wanted to know what wanted the people. The results were that people wanted Neustria to be a vassal state of /pol/ynesia . Independence was very close to win. The consul, after that, started to work on a constitution, which is needed.

Month Consuls
September 2015 Marxyz and Panzala
October 2015 Virus07 (he stopped playing after a week of leading Neustria, he had been overthrown by Panzala) and Marxyz
November 2015 Marxyz and Panzala
December 2015 Marxyz and Panzala
January 2016 Marxyz and Weshboukwa

Election system

Consuls for the month are elected the last Friday of the month before. Every citizens has 2 vote ; one per consul.