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The Valeaum Republic
Flag of Valeaum
Flag of Valeaum (January to April 2014)
Flag of Valeaum
Flag of New Danzilona (de facto flag of Valeaum, April 2014 onwards)
Activity levelUnknown, at least 1 at max extent
GovernmentRoman republic (January 7-April 4, 2014)
Danzilonan Territory (April 4, 2014-January 10, 2016)
• Chancellor General
Leoploridan (January 7-April 4, 2014)
Foundation dateJanuary 7, 2014
IdeologyDirect democracy

Valeaum, officially the Valeaum Republic, was initially an independent Roman republic-style city-state on Civcraft 2.0 (not associated with the SPQR) founded on January 7, 2014 before being abandoned and incorporated as a territory of New Danzilona on April 4, 2014. The founder and leader of Valeaum, Leoploridan, was a citizen of New Danzilona but left to found Valeaum so they could have a place to build large, stone buildings and skyscrapers (which were informally forbidden in NDZ).[1]A quiet city focused entirely on building, Leo struggled to gain enough citizens to maintain activity or live in the grand buildings he constructed. Leo eventually lost steam after building by himself the entire time and relinquished Valeaum's land claim to NDZ on April 4, 2014.[2]Valeaum remained as a territory of NDZ with no residents for the rest of the server.


The future founder of Valeaum, Leoploridan, joined Civcraft shortly after 2.0 began in July 2013. At first, he wanted to start his own city, citing the fact that he wanted to live somewhere dominated by his own aesthetic.[3] He then decided to join New Danzilona after he was advised on the Civcraft subreddit to join an already existing town. He began a number of projects while he was a Danzilonan over the summer, including proposals for NDZ's motto, building theme, and a model for a large skyscraper.[4][5]The consensus among Danzilonans, however, was that skyscrapers were not suited for the theme of the town, and the skyscraper district that Danzilonan Gant2000 founded north of the city became inactive. Leo himself also went inactive after August 2013 but returned in January 2014 with renewed ambitions for a settlement full of grand buildings. He left NDZ and founded Valeaum some 1000 blocks northwest of the city on January 7, 2014.[6]

Valeaum's capitol building
Valeaum's capitol building, seen here, was the centrepiece for the city.

Leo founded Valeaum as a Roman-esque republic, with a planned Senate and himself as Chancellor General. Over the course of the rest of winter 2014, he built its capitol building, a storage/factory tower, and a number of residences. He announced its existence to wider the Civcraft world in a recruitment post he made on February 3rd.[7]Despite his efforts, Valeaum struggled to keep any newfriend residents that didn't quit shortly after joining. On April 4th, Leo went inactive once again and decided to abandon Valeaum, and after being asked about the fate of the city by Lowtuff, he allowed Valeaum to be annexed as a territory of NDZ.

After being annexed by NDZ, the Danzilonans used the area to set up defensive snitches and cleaned up the most obvious grief, but otherwise the city fell into inactivity and never received another resident. A road connecting Valeaum to Aegina through NDZ was planned but never finished.[8]In the summer of 2015, Leo made a tentative return to Civcraft and joined NDZ once again where he played very casually until the end of 2.0.[9]When Civcraft 3.0 began in July 2016, Leo opted not to join NDZ's successor, Nova Danzilona, and instead settled in Concordia.[10]