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The Civcraft Import Project is an ongoing project to import all of the previous Civcraft wiki pages onto this one.

Gjum has graciously uploaded all of the Civcraft wiki files onto the wiki under two packages: CivcraftImport or Civcraft2Import. However none of them are formatted into wiki format, they have only merely been converted.

The list of all pages to edit are here for CivcraftImport and here for Civcraft2Import. You may need to click "Next page" as there is a lot of pages, and there's a whole lot of junk.

To edit these, it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you use the "Edit source" option, and not "Edit".

You can talk to other editors in the CivWiki Discord, don't hesitate to ask there if you run into any issues.

So pick a page, follow these steps, and get started!

Step 0: Duplicate Pages

Check if the page that is currently on the wiki has the same name. (This means if you have a page like CivcraftImport:Commonwealth, check Commonwealth's page.) If it does, confirm with the leaders of the page that the country is the same as it was back in 2.0. If not, contact the CivWiki and we'll see what to do with it.

Additionally, if your page looks like CivcraftImport:Chanada/Viridian/Constitution or something like that, you can rename the page however you want to.

Step 1: Headers

Headers are the most glaring issue when you're doing something like this. Headers will most likely be in a <span class='underline'>Danzilona</span> or similar, and use the most appropriate headers to fix this.

  • To make a header, use == Header == adding more equal signs as necessary. Make sure you keep the header type.
  • Never use the highest header tag = Top Header = for a page. Typically those are only used for page headers, and should never be used.
  • There are six levels of headers. If, for some reason you get to the last one (6 headers) keep using it.

Step 2: Infoboxes & Images

Chances are most pages will have an infobox at the top that needs to be fixed. There are some appropriate ones, like Template:Infobox civilization for nations and similar for military conflicts. For those, fill out as necessary. Coordinates should not use Template:Coord, but Template:CoordCivcraft2 or Template:CoordCivcraft3.

If you have an infobox that is significantly different than others, like for a religion, event, etc., notify people on the CivWiki discord and we can figure it out.

For images, it's highly preferable that you use Special:Upload to bring the outside pictures on the wiki, but if you are unable to, don't bother. Additionally, **if you're able to find the images in the archives file here, please upload them**. To display them, use [[File:Image.png]] or similar. More info on that here.

Step 3: Links & References

Most pages will have links. All of them will be broken.

As a base, reformat the links into just the article name. If you have [[groups/nations/chanada]], reformat into [[Chanada]].

For more complicated links like [[groups/nations/chanada/viridian/constitution]], first, check if the page has already been created and change it to the already existing page. If not, then rename the page after CivcraftImport: to whatever makes sense, and change the name on the resultant page to what you made.

Many pages will have references like this:

[ Something that the wiki said]

Convert these by putting these references at the end of a sentence, like:

Something that the wiki said. <ref> </ref>

Once you've done all of this, add this at the very bottom of the page, but before the Categories:

== References == (add a new line before the next) <references />

Step 4: Literally anything else

Some of these pages will have tables (like Civcraft's Gensokyo page) or others, and they may be in a completely different format, so you'll need to fix them.

If there are more warnings about pages we need to issue this will be amended below.

Step 5: Approving

Once you've finished your page, announce your achievement on the CivWiki Discord and one of our editors will move it into the Main namespace if approved. Congratulations! You're done! Now go edit another Civcraft page!

Need any help?

CivWiki:Editing Guide might be of help. CivWiki Discord is an easy place to get help if you're still confused