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This page describes for to import Civcraft and Civcraft2 articles into the main namespace, as part of a long term editing project.

The original Civcraft wiki was imported to CivWiki under the CivcraftImport and Civcraft2Import namespaces. The original Civcraft wiki used a different software and format than CivWiki, so these articles will need to be cleaned up before being moved into the main namespace. The eventual goal is to move all of these articles into the main namespace.


Using the source editor to import Civcraft articles will likely be much easier than the visual editor, as there are significant syntax differences.

Duplicate Pages

Check if the Civcraft article already has an article about it on the main namespace. If it does, the content from the Civcraft article may be able to be moved to a "Civcraft" section of that article.


Civcraft articles used many slashes to name articles based on categorizations. This should not be done on CivWiki, so while the constitution of Chanada's city of Viridian was named CivcraftImport:Chanada/Viridian/Constitution on the Civcraft wiki, it should be named Constitution of Viridian on CivWiki, or Constitution of Viridian (Chanada city) if just Viridian is ambiguous.


If you see a header like <span class='underline'>Danzilona</span>, this should be converted to a MediaWiki header like == Danzilona ==.

  • Never use the highest header tag = Danzilona = for a page. These are only used for the automatically-inserted title header. If the page you're importing uses this, increment all header levels by one.


The Civcraft wiki used different infoboxes from CivWiki. CivWiki most likely has a relevant infobox that should be used instead. For instance:

Religions do not have a template on civwiki yet. One could be created if there is demand for it.


Some Civcraft articles reference external articles. These should be uploaded to the wiki via Special:Upload and then linked to.

The archives upload may have some missing images that you can upload.

Links and References

Most pages will have links. All of them will be broken.

As a start, reformat the links into just the article name. If you have [[groups/nations/chanada]], reformat into [[Chanada]].

For more complicated links like [[groups/nations/chanada/viridian/constitution]], first, check if the page has already been created and change it to the already existing page. If not, then rename the page after CivcraftImport: to whatever makes sense, and change the name on the resultant page to what you made.

Many pages will have references like this:

[ Something that the wiki said]

Convert these by putting these references at the end of a sentence, like:

Something that the wiki said. <ref> </ref>

Once you've done all of this, add this at the very bottom of the page (but before any categories):

== References == (newline here) <references />