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Sneed is an Icenian/UDF psy-op operated by ChrisChrispie following the success of the join Hjalt-Icenian psy op "Cityleon in the Mayfo bunker".


Chuck's Fuck & Suck
Entire Server
Status Ongoing
Icenia (CivClassic 2.0) Sneed  CivClassic , CivMC

Isla la Sneed

Isla la Sneed also known as Island of Sneed was a small sandbar located in the nation of Columbia that is supposedly a broadcast site for silly memes.

Many believed this to be a UDF numbers station though sending hourly updates in coded messages such as "sneed" and "feed" to wepee agents in the nation of Kallos. Shortly after the end of Civclassic, it was indeed announced to the word that Sneed was indeed an Icenian only operation. Sneed declared a decisive victory when the Sneed emoji was added to the CivMC discord. Also worth noting, "Sneed" was the first thing ever said on the CivMC discord by Icenian admin Soundtech...however it has since been lost to the sands of time with only this page serving as a reminder.


Sneed is widely criticized by minemaster933, a notable critic of Icenia and toothpaste man.