Rowan Stronghold

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Rowan Stronghold
Rowan Stronghold
Capital CityThe Stronghold
GovernmentDual Monarchy
Location7300, 6000

The Rowan Stronghold was a large fortress city state built on the islands south of Rowa deep in +,+ region. It was directly bordered by Maltovia.

History of Rowan Stronghold

Founding of the Stronghold

It was August 2018 and times where changing quickly. Rowa was not what it once was. The people fled, the Thalassocracy was "Integrating" Rowa. It was then that Macguy73 and Samrules14 had a vision that brought them to the southern coast of Rowa. An island sat imposing on the terrain around it, it was here they were to settle. And so they did, building a large fortress atop the mountainside. They knew that the Thalassocracy couldn't get away with taking over Rowa so they plotted to wage a guerrilla war to seek justice.

The Bandit War

History is written by the winners, and the winners of this war was not the Stronghold. They were tracked down, hunted, and pearled. Samrules14 traded his freedom for Inightly one of the Stronghold first residents. 6 months they stayed locked away for fighting for the justice there people needed.

Return of the Kings

Now as the tides around the +,+ region shift the Stronghold returns. They sought to establish independence once more, and be a haven for the prosecuted and neglected to flee to. Never again shall the Stronghold Fall.

Rowan Royalty

Kings of the Stronghold

The dual Monarchs were Macguy73 and Samrules14 sharing the equal power of divine ruler of the Stronghold

Foreign Policy

The people of Rowan Stronghold wished to be independent and free, we sought to harbor those who have been pushed away under the wings of our kings. We did not seek any conflict, we wished to remain free of all wars atop our Stronghold. No one was banned from the Stronghold and all were welcome.