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Personal Info
Current Citizenships
Known ForFounder of New Melonwood
Main Residence New Melonwood (Danzilona)
Known Spoken LanguagesCroatian, English

ViktorHR is a citizen of Danzilona and founder of New Melonwood. He started playing on CivMC and has been a member of Danzilona since joining. ViktorHR's interests include worldbuilding, writing and politics.


Although ViktorHR joined CivMC officially on 16 January 2023, he joined the CivMC Discord server March 2022 during the early stages of CivMC's planning. Initially he made plans to join the Leibnitz Confederation, but subsequently abandoned said plans due to a lack of free time. Upon rediscovering CivMC almost a year later, ViktorHR joined Danzilona and settled down in New Danzilona District.

Upon hearing of a newly acquired land on the Western continent, ViktorHR abandoned his life in mainland Danzilona and set up his primary residence in New Melonwood where he still lives and acts as de facto leader of the territory.